Does Rebranding Facebook Signal a Real Change in What Matters? By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News

Adina Kutnicki


Facebook is under scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators over content blocking practices and possible harm from its platforms. 


It is most always the case that with enough pressure applied to a company’s Achilles’ heel, whatever and wherever it may be, a tipping point can be reached. It appears that Facebook, a/k/a the defacto Internet, is not immune. After all, the bottom line is where it is at.

And while global lawmakers and regulators have been dancing around reining in the social media giant for several years, the reality is that Facebook barely loses a beat. In fact, their revenues always increase – despite taking dips after immediate Congressional grillings. This is so because the powers that be at Facebook (and on both sides of the political aisle) understand how the dance is scripted; one step backward, two steps forward.

Consider the following, as reported in Forbes

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