Watch Live: Blood-Clotting Pfizer Jab Approved For Ages 5-11: Your children are now the experiment!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

MANY intelligent (and, more than likely, rational) folks have a hard time believing that western leaders would, knowingly, mandate harmful public health policy. This is so because the west is considered civilized and underpinned by freedom-based principles and individuals rights.

WHILE this used to be the case, decades of globalists — for manifold reasons — have ensured that this is no longer so. Not by a long shot. And this is precisely how the west has come from there to here; a point in which pure science no longer underlies and drives public health policy-makers. Rather, politicians driven by greed, power, and control dictate what’s safe and what’s not, never mind scientific data and an individual’s freedom to choose!

CONSIDER the following as more than prima facie evidence of the same, even if it represents merely a snippet of the facts at hand.

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