Compendium of Quotes about Islam

The NeoConservative Christian Right

This is a collected series of quotes from Counterjihadists, Muslims and historical figures which demonstrate the dangers of the theopolitical ideology known as Islam.

This was put together by pseudonymous Civilization Jihad Awareness and posted on the Google+ Group Americans Against Jihad as well as the anonymous person’s Google+ page.

JRH 9/2/15

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Compendium of Quotes about Islam

Gathered by Civilization Jihad Awareness

August 31, 2015 6:17 AM and 6:07 AM

Found on Google + Group – Americans against Jihad

Quotes about Islam

My Fellow Kafirs

This is a massive compendium of quotes I’ve been able to gather about Islam. (Be advised, it is a lengthy read.) I have gathered quotes from Muslims, ex-Muslims, Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians, historians, scholars, authors, writers, journalists, activists, and all manner of famous public figures. I think this is enough to convince even the most closed minded and brainwashed Islamopologist to…

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boudica us Published November 3, 2021



We’re Being Treated Like Cattle (Video)

We’re Being Treated Like Cattle


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RumbleWe’re Being Treated Like Cattle

Soaking “The Rich”

The Lone Cactus

Democrats are starting to realize that Joe Biden’s pipedream of a “zero cost” $3.5 trillion spending bill which would be nothing more than a wish list of money-hungry liberal types is going to lead to a huge debt for the United States. As such, Dems’ are floating an idea to soak the rich. Now, considering that more than half the people in Congress are indeed “the rich”, meaning they are millionaires, this is going to be a really interesting situation to watch.

In case you’ve missed it, the idea is to tax “unrealized gain”.

Now, by that, what it means is, say you bought $1,000 worth of stock and you haven’t sold it yet. You still own the stock, but it’s value has gone up to $2,000. You have an unrealized gain of $1,000. Congress is considering charging you a tax on that $1,000 that you haven’t yet realized. This…

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What A Difference A Year Makes!

The Lone Cactus

It was only a year ago that Democrats were screaming, “Defund The Police!” and swearing that they were going to reshape the way law enforcement in this country works. Black Lives Matter became almost a religion with the NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA all jumping on board. You couldn’t even conceive that anyone with a “law and order” candidacy could do anything but go down in flames at the ballot box.

And then reality set in.

Mayors across the country realized that by defunding the police, as had been done in cities from New York to Seattle, from Boston to Portland, they saw something totally unexpected happen. Crime rose! Without police there to catch the criminals, can you believe that crime actually increased? And with no cops on duty because they had either been furloughed or retired, no one was there to protect the cities from rampant looting, violence, murder…

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And Then…Reality Set In

The Lone Cactus

Democrats had this huge wish list. Apparently, if you wanted anything on it, you went to Uncle Joe, told him your tale of woe, and he would put your request into the largest request for funding ever set before Congress.

Ah, but then reality set in.

There were several things that got pared out of that $3.5 trillion money grab. Oh, don’t be surprised that out of the $1.75 trillion (about half of the original), a whopping $500 billion is set to be wasted er….spent on Climate Change initiatives, you know, stuff like Solyndra? But gone from it is erasing student debt. Also gone from the spending bill is free community college for all! Reason? Too expensive.

Well, too expensive, and Pelosi and Schumer couldn’t muster enough votes to pass it in the House, or come close to the 50 votes in the Senate (so K-baby Harris could break the…

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A letter from a Jan. 6 political prisoner

Cry and Howl

I found this at The Last Refuge and I have to post it in it’s entirety. The following letter is written by one of the political prisoners caught up in the “sweep” of the protesters of Jan 6, 2021. Personally I can’t wrap my head around this, mostly how no one in the Congress can do anything about it!!??? I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say, but I’m actually at a loss for words. I guess I’m just letting this sink it. Anyway, here you go … (again, many thanks to Sundance over at The Last Refuge)

Dear fellow Americans:

I never thought I’d write a letter like this, but we’re living in very different times. This is my cry for help.

My name isNathan DeGrave, and as a non violent participant at the Jan 6th rally, I’ve spent the last 9 months detained…

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H/T Citizen Tom

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

In the United States We the People rule. In the past we have chosen to be a nation under God. In the future.

Proverbs 29:18 New American Standard Bible

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained,

But happy is one who keeps the Law.

The word vision in this case refers to revelation, revelation that comes from God. Before we vote, we need to pray for vision as well as wisdom.

What has become the big issue in this election? Consider two points of view.

From The Washington Post.

In their search for issues that will deliver Congress in 2022, conservatives have begun to circle around the cause of “parents’ rights.” In Indiana, Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita recently introduced a Parents Bill of Rights, which asserts that “education policy and curriculum should accurately reflect the values of Indiana families.” In Florida, the legislature passed an even more comprehensive bill, assuring…

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Citizen Tom

I impulsively took the video above of Glenn Youngkin‘s stump speech with a new cell phone. Hardly knew what I was doing, but it came out fairly well, surprisingly. I can testify personally that the new technology is approaching idiot proof. Since I messed up the video of Jason Miyares‘ speech, I can also say it isn’t idiot proof yet.

Note that the lady who introduced Youngkin made an interesting speech. I did not quite get the beginning. Not sure what her name is. If someone knows, please throw it in the comments.

When I took the video, I found myself behind the few people in the crowd wearing Trump hats. When I noticed, I chuckled. Got to give the TDS crowd some reason to grind their teeth.

What follows are pictures of the crowd and such while we waited for Glenn Youngkin to arrive..

Here are some…

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