Citizen Tom

I impulsively took the video above of Glenn Youngkin‘s stump speech with a new cell phone. Hardly knew what I was doing, but it came out fairly well, surprisingly. I can testify personally that the new technology is approaching idiot proof. Since I messed up the video of Jason Miyares‘ speech, I can also say it isn’t idiot proof yet.

Note that the lady who introduced Youngkin made an interesting speech. I did not quite get the beginning. Not sure what her name is. If someone knows, please throw it in the comments.

When I took the video, I found myself behind the few people in the crowd wearing Trump hats. When I noticed, I chuckled. Got to give the TDS crowd some reason to grind their teeth.

What follows are pictures of the crowd and such while we waited for Glenn Youngkin to arrive..

Here are some…

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