Democrats’ View On Their “Mandate”

The Lone Cactus

Oh, yes…they think they still have a “mandate”. Even if Joe Biden won by the slimmest of margins, that some people still feel was stolen from Donald Trump. Even though the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi’s reign is about to collapse in a scant twelve months. Even though the Senate is teetering on the brink of gridlock, tied at 50/50, and all polls showing that the nation is tired of Democrats’ in-fighting and not being able to do the public’s business, but are more interested in trying to pack the Supreme Court, or get rid of the filibuster rule that’s been in place since 1837! They still believe that they have all the answers, and by God, you’re going to sit up and listen to them!

So, they feel they have not only a right, but a moral obligation to slam socialist agenda after communist manifesto down your throats…

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