Medical Research Embraces ‘Systemic Racism’ as Truth, Risking Scientific Credibility … When Far-Left Politics Trumps/Shapes/Skews Scientific Outcomes

Adina Kutnicki


    By Adina Kutnicki

    BY now, relative to the leadership’s bizarre dictates, rational thinkers understand that much more meets the eye than what is being told to them. On the other hand, many are unfamiliar with the path forward, that is, chosen decades ago by the global hierarchy within the deep-state. This is so, regardless of the changing of the guard.

    ALAS, when it comes to the deep state’s real goal, let’s cut to the crux and core: the transformation of America, the heretofore leader of the western free world, must be crushed into a shadow of itself; a dying corpse. But this is just the jumping off point, most intrinsically, in order to move forward the “Great (Global) Reset.”

    AS such, let’s head straight to the horse’s mouth, in a manner of speaking.

    AND it is this overarching global…

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    The U.S. Navy Goes Gay 

    The NeoConservative Christian Right

    If you are infected with American wokeness, this post will offend you. If you are a Bible-Believing Christian, this post should evoke a sickening inner grief at America’s current state of falling into the days of Noah and Sodom.

    Pray for an American Awakening Revival or the soon Return of Christ for America’s current standing as a Biblical people is evaporating by the hellish heat of embracing godless immorality. When the U.S. Navy christens a warship after man/boy predator Harvey Milk, a moral black hole exists snuffing out Light.

    U.S. Navy launches the USNS Harvey Milk (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo – Photo) – Navy Honors LGBTQ man-boy predator

    Alex de Tocqueville is often falsely attributed with an America is great quote which I will share momentarily for even if de Tocqueville didn’t write it is true. But first here is an actual de Tocqueville quotes of an observation…

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    boudica us Published November 12, 2021 25 Views

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    What is going on?

    Farmers’ Land Confiscated for ‘Carbon Pipeline’ through Corn Belt (Video)


    Farmers’ Land Confiscated for ‘Carbon Pipeline’ through Corn Belt



    boudica us Published November 12, 2021 10 Views

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    Farmers’ land across the midwest is being confiscated to make way for construction of a massive, 1300-mi long Carbon Capture & Sequestration Pipeline. Town halls in hundreds of counties are full of angry farmers, as county officials announce, “There’s not much we can do.” As the world enters a food crisis, plowing under tens of thousands of acres of the best soil in America is complete madness…or is it a flawlessly calculated attack? Christian breaks it down in this critical Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


    Biden’s $$ Plan Vs. “The Score”

    The Lone Cactus

    The Congressional Budget Office has started, mind you, only started to weigh in on what the yet to be passed Biden plan for spending will cost. The “Build Back Better” plan is going to be north of a trillion dollars even by the most conservative budget, but how far north? Remember when Biden’s old boss, Bobo Obama was trying to get his healthcare initiative passed? He swore it HAD to be under $1 trillion, and it came in at $900 billion. Actually it was over that. About two years later, the CBO came back and said Obamacare was going to cost America about $1.76 trillion. That’s about double what the original cost estimates were.

    And so, we take a look at Biden’s massive spending boondoggle.

    Now, to be fair, the CBO has 13 committees to look at their recommendations. It has only looked at four of them. The four are…

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    Life Hackery

    H/T Citizen Tom

    See, there's this thing called biology...

    I have decided that what is, “wrong with young people” is that nothing is wrong. Seriously, they are simply healthy young people trapped in a world gone mad. I honestly believe that 90% of our afflictions are about being told we have afflictions rather then the truth which is that, the world is broken.

    The world has always been broken. I’ve been doing this for more than half a century and I still need Jesus just to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I can’t even manage that.

    This idea that everyone is supposed to just be a healthy, well adjusted, successful individual in a world that has completely lost its mind, is just crazy. Anxiety is normal, depression is normal, confusion is normal. And by “normal,” I mean a normal reaction to an unhealthy environment. I watched in real time as our culture went from, “stress is…

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    inviting yet locked

    H/T Citizen Tom


    “By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision
    to include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path
    toward a spiritual life.”

    Thomas More

    As polarized as we have been,
    we Americans are locked in a cultural war for the soul of our country.

    Pat Buchanan

    (an inviting, yet closed and obviously shuttered, secluded entrance way /
    Rosemary Beach, Fl / Julie Cook / 2017)

    (since we were speaking of journeys yesterday, I thought this other archived
    post from 2017 would be another nice addition—please enjoy

    There is a lovely Orthodox Christian blog that I follow…
    Where I often find the most beautiful wisdom presented in the simplest of fashions.
    This morning was no exception.

    When I first read this morning’s posting’s title, with words such as Charismatic and despair…words that at first glance appear to be polar opposites of one another,
    I wasn’t prepared…

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    “My Government Lied To Me…”

    H/T Citizen Tom

    Freedom Through Empowerment

    Please take 2 minutes to watch this heartbreaking video of Mr. Ernest Ramirez talking about the death of his son from the Pfizer vaccine. We owe it to him and all those whose loved ones have died or been grievously injured from the vaccines; to hear their stories and acknowledge the very real pain and suffering they’ve been needlessly subjected to.

    And trust me, there are many, many families going though this. Yet what do we hear from the CDC, FDA and all the other self important health officials who normally never miss a chance to bloviate on anything Covid related? Crickets. And more propaganda of course.

    So yes, Mr. Ramirez, you’re government lied to you, me and everyone else about the vaccines being absolutely safe…

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    ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

    The U.S. had a rainbow of chemicals at their disposal. They were nicknamed according to the color on the barrels in which they were shipped. (Agent Orange didn’t appear orange, though it looked like that to Pilsch.) … The chemicals were produced by companies like DOW Chemical, Monsanto, and Hercules, Inc. Sep 14, 2017

    So our hypocritical government……….. Yes they used CHEMICALS on the Viet Cong……….which struck our military and Vietnamese civilians as well. I won’t show you the ugly photos of those who have been inflicted with/by Agent Orange. Many are now dead, many are still suffering. Many are deformed! This by the same/extended government that wants to mandate continuous vaccinations and boosters for COVID; even the children. Creating myocarditis and neurological problems. They want to “test” these vaccines on our/your children. Yes TEST. But hell……..this is the government that poisoned it’s own people in Vietnam……….what would…

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