Biden’s $$ Plan Vs. “The Score”

The Lone Cactus

The Congressional Budget Office has started, mind you, only started to weigh in on what the yet to be passed Biden plan for spending will cost. The “Build Back Better” plan is going to be north of a trillion dollars even by the most conservative budget, but how far north? Remember when Biden’s old boss, Bobo Obama was trying to get his healthcare initiative passed? He swore it HAD to be under $1 trillion, and it came in at $900 billion. Actually it was over that. About two years later, the CBO came back and said Obamacare was going to cost America about $1.76 trillion. That’s about double what the original cost estimates were.

And so, we take a look at Biden’s massive spending boondoggle.

Now, to be fair, the CBO has 13 committees to look at their recommendations. It has only looked at four of them. The four are…

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