Today Russia Is More Free Than The “Free World”

Today Russia Is More Free Than The “Free World”

Today Russia Is More Free Than The “Free World”

Paul Craig Roberts

Americans and the people of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, and Australia have heard for decades that they live in “the free world.” This world contrasted to the Soviet world where civil liberty was replaced with internal passports, with punishments for criticizing authorities and disagreeing with the narrative, and with mandates issued by a dictator instead of laws from elected representatives.

It is ironic that today it is the Western World that has the characteristics that were assigned to life under Soviet Rule–internal Covid passports, censorship for speaking truth, and now, today (Nov 14, 2021), the Chancellor of Austria, a “free country,” ordered one-third of Austrian citizens under home arrest. They are lock-downed beginning tomorrow (Monday).

The home arrests of millions of Austrian citizens will be enforced by the Austrian Gestapo. The Austrian interior minister Karl Nehammer boasted: “As of tomorrow, every citizen, every person who lives in Austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police.”

Shades of Stalinist Russia! And it is not only Austria. Australia’s government has used the “Covid pandemic” to establish a dictatorial government that looks more Nazi with each passing day. Canada seems only a step or two behind. Germany’s chancellor-in-waiting Olaf Scholz has given warning that extraordinary measures are forthcoming to restrain Covid this winter. What he means is that extraordinary controls will be put on the German people.

Even in the US the White House Puppet, Joe Biden, is attempting to force all employers to require their workforces to be vaccinated or fired. He is meeting resistance from some federal courts and some Republican governors. Americans, being the only armed Western people, are capable, if led, in standing up against the executive branch overthrow of the US Constitution, under which Biden’s orders are grounds for his impeachment and removal from office.

Looking at the behavior of the Western governments in general, it is legitimate to ask, “where is the free world?” What does it mean to be free when citizens are punished for refusing to submit to a medical intervention that is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws and the US Constitution? How can people who are coerced be free?

The fact of the matter is that the entire “free world,” US included, would be much freer if we were ruled by Russia. In Russia President Putin has made it clear that vaccination is a personal choice and there can be no coercion of the individual as under rule in the West. Paul Craig Roberts read more

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