One dead, four injured in terrorist attack in Jerusalem’s Old City … Islamic Jihadis Hide In Plain Sight!

Adina Kutnicki


By Adina Kutnicki

THERE is nothing new under the sun, that is, when it comes to Islamic jihad. Indeed, it is a scourge from time immemorial. And for those who require a non-sanitized jihadi backgrounder, the following should more than suffice.

Click to access islam_and_blood.pdf

WITHOUT a scintilla of a doubt, the above policy paper, ISLAM & BLOOD (written in 2012 by Professor Paul Eidelberg, and reviewed/contributed to by this writer), contains the most rigorous scholarship, comprehensive underpinnings, and elucidating treatise on Islam’s relationship to blood, bar none. Full stop.

IN this regard, once you couple said knowledge base with the fact that PM Bennett signed a bloody deal with the Islamic Brotherhood devil to become PM, well,

AND, so, no one with functioning brain cells should be shocked, shocked when attack after attack reaches a crescendo — not unlike that which…

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