Israel’s Trifecta, Bennett/Lapid/Abbas: What Are The Chances The Faux Rightist/Leftist-Post-Zionist/Muslim Brotherhood Leadership Will Stop Iran, In The Looming Tick-Tock To Nuclear Status? Do Pigs Fly?

Adina Kutnicki

Bennett: Israel not bound by any new nuclear deal with Iran

By Adina Kutnicki

IT is hardly rocket science to arrive at the following realistic, nightmarish conclusion: with a faux rightist and a post-Zionist/leftist at the helm, respectively, Bennett and Lapid, dependent upon the titular head of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Mafia as its “saving grace” to prop it up, what rational thinker would assess that this disastrous duo are up to the task of bombing Iran’s “zero-hour” countdown nuclear facilities? Atop the aforementioned catastrophic scenario, does anyone really believe that the very same captive-held, musical-chair partnership will also thwart the Biden regime’s dictate: hands-off Iran’s nuclear program! For heaven’s sake.

IN this regard, once you couple said realistic starting points — again, considering the fact that PM Bennett signed a blood-laced deal with the Islamic Brotherhood devil to become PM — well,

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