Being Thankful

The Lone Cactus

Yes, it’s one of those non-political days. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday of the year. I think it’s because it’s the least commercialized. I’m not bombarded by Santa Claus (at least yet), Easter Bunnies, or the like. Yeah, I have to fight through all the advertising for the Black Friday Christmas sales, but that’s a minor point. I’m happy it’s here because I’m thankful for a lot.

Every year for the past ten years, my kids have brought their families out to the desert. We spend a week together with my Mom, and my sister-in-law, enjoying each others’ company, catching up on what they’ve been doing since we last got together (which was this past summer). We send the parents off on a “date night” to enjoy dinner and a movie while my wife and I get to entertain the kids, who half of them are now into…

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