Long Forgotten American Artists

The Mad Jewess

I am going to explore a series on American artists that have been completely forgotten. We can all learn about past-time artists who painted our country & it’s people. I want to show you how GREAT these American people painted.

These particular artists were ‘unknown’ because of the Leftists in the NYC ‘art’ community. YES. The Progressives in NYC never ‘allowed’ these past-time painters to shine in their time on earth. The Leftists only allowed THEIR Komrade, ideologue painters to ‘make it’ in the Art world. How do I know this to be a truism? All I have to do is look up “American Artists”. There I scan through the painters. As I look through each painter, the past artists who are now ‘celebrated’, collected and shown in galleries all over the nation were pro-feminist, pro-Socialist, pro-homosexualist, pro 3rd world-immigration. The same artists were celebrated and shown THEN.


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