boudica us Published November 26, 2021

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boudica us Published November 26, 2021


Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America?

Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America?

Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US government overreach and those who oppose capitalism and/or globalization.

In the latest sign that the US government’s War on Domestic Terror is growing in scope and scale, the White House on Tuesday revealed the nation’s first ever government-wide strategy for confronting domestic terrorism. While cloaked in language about stemming racially motivated violence, the strategy places those deemed “anti-government” or “anti-authority” on a par with racist extremists and charts out policies that could easily be abused to silence or even criminalize online criticism of the government.

Even more disturbing is the call to essentially fuse intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and “community” and “faith-based” organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as unspecified foreign governments, as partners in this “war,” which the strategy makes clear will rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation focused largely on what is said on social media and encrypted platforms. Though the strategy claims that the government will “shield free speech and civil liberties” in implementing this policy, its contents reveal that it is poised to gut both.

Indeed, while framed publicly as chiefly targeting “right-wing white supremacists,” the strategy itself makes it clear that the government does not plan to focus on the Right but instead will pursue “domestic terrorists” in “an ideologically neutral, threat-driven manner,” as the law “makes no distinction based on political view—left, right or center.” It also states that a key goal of this strategic framework is to ensure “that there is simply no governmental tolerance . . . of violence as an acceptable mode of seeking political or social change,” regardless of a perpetrator’s political affiliation.

Considering that the main cheerleaders for the War on Domestic Terror exist mainly in establishment left circles, such individuals should rethink their support for this new policy given that the above statements could easily come to encompass Black Lives Matter–related protests, such as those that transpired last summer, depending on which political party is in power.

Once the new infrastructure is in place, it will remain there and will be open to the same abuses perpetrated by both political parties in the US during the lengthy War on Terror following September 11, 2001. The history of this new “domestic terror” policy, including its origins in the Trump administration, makes this clear.

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a “Terrorist”

In introducing the strategy, the Biden administration cites “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists” as a key reason for the new policy and a main justification for the War on Domestic Terror in general. This was most recently demonstrated Tuesday in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s statement announcing this new strategy. However, the document itself puts “anti-government” or “anti-authority” “extremists” in the same category as violent white supremacists in terms of being a threat to the homeland. The strategy’s characterization of such individuals is unsettling. The Last American Vagabond read more

Auto immune deficiency (Video)

Auto immune deficiency

boudica us Published November 26, 2021

RumbleAuto immune deficiency

The vaxx was designed to kill, no doubt about it. Here you will see how it will kill, and indeed already is.

Australian Aborigine International Call for Help (Video)

Australian Aborigine International Call for Help

boudica us Published November 25, 2021

RumbleAustralian Aborigine International Call for Help. The Australian government is using its Army to force vaccinate with the genocide jab and are dragging people to coronatine camps against their will.

The End Of Liberalism

The Lone Cactus

Today we are going to cover a lot of differing subjects, but all having to do with those idiot liberal snowflakes that think they have all the answers (and it’s all the same thing…government). In reality, the liberalism movement is dying out quickly. You can point to a lot of different places, but it’s all leading to the same location. Liberalism has been tried in this country for the past ten months, and it has flopped. Big time.

Here’s just a sample of how the crazies on the left are dealing with it, and who is to blame.

First of all, you’ve got a commentator on a cable news channel all upset “at Republicans”. Why? Because he says it was Republicans that have taken the word “woke” and changed it into a negative to the point that no one wants to use the word any longer. Well, that’s not exactly…

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