What Reason Dem-Marxists Desire American Civil War?

The NeoConservative Christian Right


John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© November 26, 2024

I took some Thanksgiving time off to be thankful with visiting family that I lived through a horrible 4-car accident. I am back today.

I subscribe to the NWO Report which largely aggregates (a function I also perform) great articles Globalist/Marxist/Dems would rather you not become aware so you do not awaken to the plague of tyranny enveloping American and the once free world for that matter.

The NWO Report cross posted an article they source as Infowars yet focus on a Banned VIDEO posted on November 24. The NWO Report did not provide the Infowars link (so I’m not either) to the article. The article title grabbed my attention: General Flynn Exposes Deep State Plan to Trigger Civil War In Groundbreaking Interview”. Since I’m not looking I am unsure if the…

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