Doctors Warn of Vaccine Damages in Patients: ‘People Are Being Deceived’ (Video)

Doctors Warn of Vaccine Damages in Patients: ‘People Are Being Deceived’

boudica us Published December 31, 2021

RumbleDoctors Warn of Vaccine Damages in Patients: ‘People Are Being Deceived’

They have had more deaths from this one shot since it has rolled out than they have in the last thirty years in VAERS reporting.

Canadian Doctors Stephen Malthouse and Charles Hoffe are on a road trip across the country to raise awareness about the dangers of taking the vaccine. “The rollout of the vaccine is having a devastating effect on the population. This is the most dangerous vaccine ever rolled out,” Hoffe said. “And now they are coming for our children.”

More and more people are being injured every day from taking the “vaccines,” reports the doctors. Yet, despite the shocking numbers, most doctors are not reporting the injuries or even questioning the safety of the “vaccines.” The few medical professionals asking questions and expressing concern are ostracized and labeled as pushing “vaccine hesitancy.”

Dr. Zelenko Exposes & Risks It All…

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

Here is a Rumble video put together by Stop World Control but picked up by the Red Voice Media Rumble Channel of Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko speaking on Globalist conspiracy to a manufactured COVID, the deadliness of the Jab’s, the efficacy treatments (specifically Dr. Zelenko’s therapeutic treatment) that successfully overcome a COVID infection.

You should be made aware Dr. Zelenko has been an extremely well-regarded medical doctor UNTIL he began contradicting (WITH SUCCESS) the LIES of Globalist science and Globalist medical doctors.

(In full disclosure. Red Voice Media is taking advantage of Dr. Zelenko’s message to market his “Z-Stack Protocol” which he claims is an effective therapeutic to combat the CCP virus. I am not necessarily promoting the remedy but neither am I dissuading its use.)


JRH 12/31/21

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Australia Offers To Pay Up To $600,000 Compensation (To Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

The Mad Jewess

Australia Offers To Pay $600,000 (To Some Victims) For Severe Vaccine Side Effects:

But, but, the vaccines arePERFECT and hurt nobody... (even though over 300 athletes have perished after getting the vax.)

More here: Australia offers to pay $600,000 for severe Vaccine side effects…

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💣New Bombshell Myocarditis Study Out Of UK Reveals Sobering Effects Of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

💣New Bombshell Myocarditis Study Out Of UK Reveals Sobering Effects Of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

everything you need to know

On December 14th, 2021 Nature Medicine released a study based on a broad population data set analyzed by researchers at Oxford examining the risks of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias associated with COVID-19 vaccination and infection1. Interestingly, the literature revealed some eye opening information about myocarditis that will be discussed in this publication. Having said that, today you will learn 3 things:

  1. First, you will learn a brief history of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts
  2. Second, you will learn the pertinent details of this study like who experienced myocarditis, length of hospital stay associated with injury, and names of vaccine manufacturers involved
  3. Third, you will learn what could be done in the USA to reduce the occurrence of vaccine induced myocarditis

📚First, some history

What brought things to this point? In other words, why this study examining adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination? To fully understand, you will need to hear a story first.

Early on amidst the pandemic in mid December of 2020, Pfizer was granted emergency use authorization for their mRNA vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK. Said differently, Pfizer was afforded the ability by the FDA and WHO to deliver their COVID-19 vaccine to the general public for administration by healthcare professionals. It wasn’t long until many others followed suit: Moderna (April 2021), AstraZeneca (January 2021) etc. By September of 2021 nearly 6.3 billion doses had been administered around the world. As the months went by, adverse events after vaccination began being reported that were not seen in the original clinical trials.

By November 2021, the self reporting system VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) revealed 1,783 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis from individuals between the ages of 12-30 that received Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine2. By early July 2021, the EMA (European Medicines Agency) had 283 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after 177 millions doses of Pfizer were administered, and of course 9 cases of myocarditis and 19 cases of pericarditis linked to Moderna 3. Simultaneously, Israel inoculated 5 million people with Pfizer (BNT162b2), and by May of 2021 275 cases of myocarditis were reported4.

So let’s examine the question again, why all of a sudden the interest in COVID-19 vaccine side effects? The answer, because initial vaccine clinical trials conducted by Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca revealed ⚠️NO CASES OF MYOCARDITIS OR PERICARDITIS⚠️. Conversely, when Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca’s vaccines were administered to the masses, individuals began experiencing side effects. That is bad because initial vaccine clinical trials are done to gauge the safety and efficacy of a drug/treatment for the general public. After all, if clinical trials are not accurate, people will get hurt. So, something must have went wrong, right?

Here is the problem. You see, the Moderna5, Pfizer6 , and AstraZeneca’s7 phase 3 clinical trials were very under powered. Said differently, they didn’t contain enough participants to account for rare side effects like myocarditis and pericarditis that are seen on average every 1/3000 – 1/8000 depending on extrapolation of data. To be more specific, in this case, extrapolations are calculations made in lieu of adequate data. Unfortunately, extrapolations are only as good as the data available. So, trying to quantify side effects based on already underpowered studies would be like trying to draw blood from a stone. What’s isn’t there, just isn’t there no matter what you do. Just so we’re clear, there should have been hundreds of thousands of participants in the initial clinical trials, NOT TENS OF THOUSANDS. Regardless of the speculative severity of COVID-19 at that time, it was not acceptable to do science differently from what is evidence based. If anything, we rely on tried and true measures to produce the best results, especially during a time so chaotic. Unfortunately, as certain safety steps were omitted, there are now people being harmed. Look at the figures below.

  • Moderna’s phase 3 clinical trail only contained approximately 30,000 individuals
  • Pfizer’s phase 3 clinical trail only contained approximately 43,000 individuals
  • AstraZeneca’s phase 3 clinical trail only contained approximately 29,000 individuals


It seems that initial clinical trials for Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca being so underpowered created a blind spot. As a consequence, myocarditis was not seen during initial testing, but was experienced by the general population after mass vaccination. That is because the number of people inoculated worldwide is larger than the number of people studied in the clinical trials. James Cintolo read more

If you need a firearm, here’s why you should buy it now

The New Year will see a continued breakdown of the supply chain.

Everything from food to fuel to firearms and basic supplies will gradually disappear from shelves.

Even ordering from huge online warehouses will at some point become difficult in 2022 and here’s why.

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COVID outbreak at Antarctic station among fully vaccinated researchers like a horror movie

COVID outbreak at Antarctic station among fully vaccinated researchers like a horror movie

Unlike the film The Thing, none of the infected Belgian scientists have been transformed into bloodthirsty beasts

Article content

Polar researchers in Antarctica have contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and living miles from civilization.

The outbreak took hold despite all staff passing multiple PCR tests, quarantining and living in one of the most remote places in the world. NATIONAL POST read more

Russian army ad vs US army ad 2021 (Video)

Russian army ad vs US army ad 2021

boudica us Published December 31, 2021

RumbleRussian army ad vs US army ad 2021

What Was YOUR Top Story In 2021?

The Lone Cactus

This was harder than I thought it would be. As I started gathering a list of the news stories that I thought merited being on a top ten list of stories from 2021, it hit me. There were WAY more than ten stories that belonged on this list. What’s interesting was the stories that didn’t make the list. I’m talking stuff like the January 6th riots at the US Capitol. I’m talking about Biden rejoining the Paris Accords. I’m talking about the fact we have an empty-headed idiot as a Vice President, who has bungled every single job she’s been given by the Biden administration. It goes on and on.

But, without further ado, and certainly open to your comments, here are my top ten stories from 2021:

10. Build Back Better Dies. And it should have. Thanks to Joe Manchin, who a lot of pundits are now saying…

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A HUGE Thank You!

The Lone Cactus

I’d like to just say that as we head into 2022, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making 2021’s blog the most successful in the 8 years I’ve been doing this!

This year we had over 32,000 people visit this site and read posts over a quarter of a million times! I find those numbers totally crazy since it doesn’t include any outside readings or visits, like when people reblog the post somewhere else (which is incredibly appreciated!!!), or when they visit twitter or facebook (not capitalized…they don’t deserve capital letters!) and read it posted there.

I started this blog as a rant. It was something for a guy that was retired to do to vent about Bobo Obama, and his childish antics. No one, not even I would have believed it would have gone this far. I’ve never really spent any effort to publicize…

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