The “New” Meaning Of Black Friday

The Lone Cactus

Well, it is if you live in California. In the Golden State, which has become rather tarnished recently, accused criminals trying to get out on bail are meeting little resistance as the District Attorney’s and judges in the state are desperately trying to get rid of cash bail, saying it’s racist and a sign of White supremacy. And what you’re seeing on the news is the result.

Some of the toniest shops in all the land are getting attacked by roving gangs of upwards of 50 people. They run into a store, smash and grab everything in sight, and then run out. There are too many of them for the security guard on duty to do anything about and the police are miles away. The end result is that stores like Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, and some very upscale Beverly Hills jewelry stores have been hit.

And what does the Governor…

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Welcome To Omicron

The Lone Cactus

As if we weren’t weary of COVID already, it appears that a more deadly variant is already spreading across the world. Starting in South Africa, the Omicron variant has now spread to Australia, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Israel. And of course, you can’t get a word in edgewise about COVID in this country without Anthony Fauci weighing in on his latest take, even though he has basically lost most of his credibility on the subject.

The Omicron variant is supposed to be a lot more contagious than even the Delta variant, and is more susceptible to younger people, who until now have had relatively few problems dealing with the disease.

The State of New York has ordered a state of emergency, and is preparing to shut down in hopes of avoiding another prolonged COVID attack like the one the original variant swept through. Meanwhile, others are talking…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Horns of a goat and a ram, goat’s fur and ears, nose and canines of a pig; a typical depiction of the devil in Christian art. The goat, ram and pig are consistently associated with the devil. Detail of a 16th-century painting by Jacob de Backer in the National Museum in Warsaw. (from Devil (

Why Is It Necessary To Ensure The Intergrity Of Our Elections?

Are you concerned about election integrity? The subject has most certainly been in the news. Some of us have great concerns about whether we can trust the vote. Others think concerns about election integrity are a big hullabuloo about nothing.

Is there an issue? Well, consider how carefully most of us protect our personal property.

  • When we leave our homes, we lock the doors. Some of us even purchase expensive home monitoring services.
  • When we go to the gym, we lock our street clothes…

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Tehran is not looking for a new nuclear accord. Its enrichment is on fast forward – DEBKAfile


Iran nuclear,uranium enrichment,Vienna nuclear talks

Three days into the Vienna negotiations with world powers, Iran is plainly not after a new or revamped nuclear accord, DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources confirm – notwithstanding the large delegation in attendance. Tehran has made its intentions plain by three actions:

  1. Abandoning the ambiguity surrounding its nuclear program and frankly admitting for the first time that Tehran is intent on building a nuclear bomb.
  2. Iran’s 2022-2023 state budget provides for another two years of international sanctions, thereby taking aboard the economic consequences of weaponizing its nuclear program. Tehran is therefore not holding its breath for the prospect of sanctions relief.
  3. Extra-fast centrifuges are being pressed into service for the rapid accumulation of sufficient 60pc pure enriched uranium to fuel a number of nuclear warheads.

Tehran’s final admission of its true intent, after years of claiming that Islam only allows nuclear power for…

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OK state senator introduces ‘Kyle’s Law’ to hold ‘malicious’ prosecutors accountable

The NeoConservative Christian Right

I live in Oklahoma. I grew up in Eastern Washington State (the side outnumbered Conservatives primarily reside). Because of where I grew up Oklahoma Summer humidity has often been an annual gripe for me. BUT TODAY I read my Americans For Limited Government email dated 11/29/21 which sends Daily Torch articles (not really certain of the connection). I wish AFLG sent this Daily Torch article dated 11/24/21 earlier. The title alone makes me care less about Oklahoma humidity: “OK state senator introduces ‘Kyle’s Law’ to hold ‘malicious’ prosecutors accountable.”

JRH 11/30/21

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