Hezbollah (Israeli Arab) SPY caught by Israel will serve ridiculous length of time in prison … Israel’s ‘Justice’ System Upside Its Head; Mirror Image of Radically-Bent U.S. System !

Adina Kutnicki

Hezbollah spy caught by Israel will serve 10 months in prison

By Adina Kutnicki

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, Israel’s so-called justice system is a mirror image of its counterpart; the radically bent U.S. court system. So much so, Israel’s Supreme Court, under the pervasive leftist influence of Justice Aharon Barak, is irreparably steeped in activism. Ipso facto, the High Court (and up and down its various levels) has supplanted legal principles at every turn. To said end, the Knesset has become subservient to its runaway court system, thus, making a mockery of the separation between the legislature and the judiciary. Sounds familiar?

NOT only that, over the years, this investigative journalist has had a front-row seat to the mischief-makers within Israel’s (criminal) court system — and it ain’t a pretty sight! Beyond the pale.

AS such, consider the following as a sampling of supportive evidence of the same — all of which will tie-back to what just…

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