The ‘Islamophobia’ industry’s attempt to shut down all criticism of Islam + the nexus to ‘Islam & Blood’

Adina Kutnicki

Charlie Hebdo takeoff

(Pic: Charlie Hebdo takeoff)

By Adina Kutnicki

IN a massive propaganda campaign to censor all those who dare to criticize Islam and its multi-faceted underpinnings — political, cultural, and theological — well, all manner of Herculean spears are deployed by the red-green alliance, that is, communist front groups in league with Islamic hydras.

SO pervasive are the dangers, its wildly toxic basis must be silenced. Muted. At all costs. Not only that, without the outright collusion and heavy-lifting of big tech and social media behemoths, well, this writer’s book would never have come to pass — BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad

NOT only that, it is hardly accidental that the world renowned author of the below policy paper (published in 2012), Professor Paul Eidelberg, requested that this writer review its findings, as well as add to its basis, as deemed fit.

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