Q: What happens when leftists & Islamists rule the Knesset? A: Votes down bill to expel terrorists’ families + Students testify to anti-Semitism on Israeli university campus

Adina Kutnicki

Bennett and Sasha-Bitton

Tzfat Academic College

Tzfat Academic College

By Adina Kutnicki

IT doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a so-called smartie, to figure out what will transpire when radical leftists “cooperate” with Islamists under the guise of right-wing governance. Garbage in, garbage out.

AS per the above charge-sheet, it is hardly unwarranted, nor is it offered lightly.


AS such, the above are merely samplings and foretastes to the whys and wherefores of the aforementioned charge-sheet.

AS perExhibit …

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