MUST READ: Many Have Died from Being Hoodwinked by Media Orchestration of a Deadly Covid Pandemic

Via Paul Craig Roberts

MUST READ: Many Have Died from Being Hoodwinked by Media Orchestration of a Deadly Covid Pandemic

Paul Craig Roberts

Virologist Marc G. Wathelet provides 13 reasons that the Covid virus is not, and has not been, sufficiently dangerous to require extraordinary measures such as lockdowns, masks, and vaccination with an unsafe experimental “vaccine.”

Dr. Wathelet points out that Covid’s lethality is on a par with the seasonal flue. He notes that according to the CDC, 99% of all Covid deaths had at least one comorbidity and 95% had multiple comorbidities. It is also a fact that most of those who did die did so because treatment with effective and safe cures, such as HCQ and Ivermectin, was withheld.

Dr. Wathelet notes that the evidence is conclusive that the limited and short-term protection from the vaccine is offset by the vaccine’s “shedding,” that is, the vaccine promotes rather than limits contamination. Moreover, as scientists independent of Big Pharma and NIH have established, the “vaccine” damages the innate immune system and leaves the vaccinated more vulnerable than the unvaccinated to Covid, other viruses and diseases such as cancer. See, for example:

The ineffectiveness of the “vaccine” makes achievement of herd immunity impossible. Moreover, the “vaccine” promotes the generation of new variants that spread the virus.

Taking into account the known understatement of the adverse vaccine reactions in the official database, it is likely that the vaccine has killed and injured more people than the Covid virus. The official VAERS database indicates that the Covid vaccines have injured 30 times more people than all other vaccines combined, and killed 60 times more people than all other vaccines combined.

Coerced vaccination is a violation of the Nuremberg Laws and carries a death penalty. The commitment by governments of such a serious crime in the name of “public health” is nonsensical. Moreover, as Dr. Wathelet notes, the orchestrated “pandemic” is being used to force political changes in liberal democracies and to replace Western governments with totalitarian regimes in which civil liberty is destroyed in the name of “public health.” Australia now has citizens in concentration camps, and Austria and Germany and EU officials are threatening to imprison unvaccinated citizens.

My conclusion from the data presented by Dr. Wathelet is that the unvaccinated are much safer to themselves and to others than are the vaccinated and that the covid measures are the handmaidens of totalitarianism.

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