Biden Finds A New Scapegoat For Surging Gas Prices

Biden Finds A New Scapegoat For Surging Gas Prices

Biden clearly thinks we are all as mentally impaired as he is if he thinks we are going to believe this lie. The public outcry over surging gas prices has the Biden Admin looking for someone to blame, so they of course chose “Big Oil.” When really if Biden wants to find out why gas prices are surging all he has to do is pick up a mirror.

“Biden “called for the Federal Trade Commission to probe whether oil and gas companies are engaging in criminal conduct by profiting from artificially high prices at the pump, even as wholesale fuel costs decline.

Biden – under mounting political pressure with inflation at the highest rate in more than three decades – urged FTC Chair Lina Khan to investigate potential wrongdoing by the industry, alleging “mounting evidence of anti-consumer behavior” by the companies.”

It takes profound naivete for Biden not to recognize how his and his team’s anti-oil animus has driven fuel costs skyward. In fewer than 11 months, this administration has:

  • Killed the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Threatened to plug the Canada-to-Michigan Enbridge Line 5 pipeline.
  • Halted oil leases in a sliver of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Stopped oil and gas leases on federal lands.
  • Proposed a methane tax that could cost this industry up to $10 billion annually.
  • Encouraged left-wing activists to pressure financiers to defund oil companies.

Team Biden’s sadism toward its fellow Americans exposes the thuggish side of its anti-oil fanaticism. The Patriot Chronicles read more

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