The CCP is winning with Biden’s help

Cry and Howl

I was reading the latest publication (print) from the Epoch Times. On page A6 there is the heading How the CCP Seeks to Control America. There’s a list of almost twenty ways and methods the Chinese Communist Party uses to overcome the United States. Top of the list is Politics with the heading Influencing And Compromising Politicians.

Here’s what is written regarding that: The CCP has worked for decades to influence and compromise U.S. politicians at every level of governmentall the way from school boards and city councils to the White House. In some cases, the CCP uses honeytraps to lure politicians or their family members into compromising situation, which the regime then uses to blackmail them. The CCP also uses so-called “soft-power,” providing incentives to politicians to do its bidding.

Of course the Epoch Times pointed out the obvious entities, Hollywood, Education, Censorship using social…

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