Cardinal Müller on Forced Vaccination and the Great Reset

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The interview, below, is by the St. Boniface Institute, which is located in Austria. They have information and articles in German and English here:

Cardinal Müller – speaks about compulsory vaccination, the Sacraments and the Great Reset

German language and you can turn on English subtitles.
Kardinal Müller – spricht über Impfzwang, die Sakramente und den Great Reset”:

We are concerned that the interview of Cardinal Müller has been misrepresented in the media. This interview is maybe the best and most comprehensive overview of the most pressing problems of our times. Most thinking people, Roman Catholic and non-Roman Catholic, alike, can benefit from this interview.

We hope that you will watch the interview, starting at the 4 minute 56 second mark. Roman Catholics will probably be interested in what he says in the first five minutes, as well.

Below we put an unofficial approximate…

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