If I wanted America to fail…

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

ALG Narrator to ‘If I wanted America to fail’ (2012)

I am on the email list if John Gaultier’s Ferocious Conservative Activist Bulletin (I am certain it’s pseudonymous to John Gault of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”). The blog Editor/author posted a Youtube video from 2012 entitled, “If I wanted America to fail.” The video doesn’t really explain who the narrator represents but the content allows one’s imagination to suggest Dem-Marxists transforming America into a dictatorship-tyranny. My imagination leaps to the Devil destroying the Shining City on a Hill. (After all, according to a Financial Post articleAmericans For Limited Government (ALG) patterned the video after Paul Harvey’s “If I Were The Devil.”)

The Editor provides a transcript to the 2012 video with some 2021-updated additions to “If I wanted America to fail.” In the spirit of updating to America’s current tyranny, I…

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