Israel to transfer 100M NIS to PA, grant VIP entry permits + ‘I wouldn’t invite someone who pays those who murderer Israelis to my home’

Adina Kutnicki

Gantz and AbbasBy Adina Kutnicki

AKIN to a broken clock, this American-Israeli (living in Israel, since 2008) is duty bound to report on the continuous litany of self-inflicted national wounds, that is, perpetrated by its beyond delusional, mentally besieged, inferiority complex-driven so-called Israeli leadership. And this is just the kindest descriptor that can be attributed! No sugar-coating. No pussyfooting.

AS demonstrated within the above link, it was only 5 days ago that this site addressed a shameful display of bent knees towards those who murder Jews with impunity, yes, in the Jewish homeland! Indeed, it pays to be a terrorist under the PA (Hamas, alike) and Israel funds it, albeit, on the down low. Literally. It is housed under the “martyr’s fund” and “pay-for-slay!” Did you ever??

ALAS, aside from countless “transfers” from Israel to prop up…

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