Absolutely Evil

H/T Arlin Report


I thought it was illegal to cyber-stalk children. But the American Communists have no problem with it. Any means to serve their agenda. If you support the Marxist/SocialistLeft; you know, the Democrats, shame on you. At least have the guts to admit what you are: Anti-American haters of all that is right and good, haters of the family, haters of God, haters of the rule of law. You should openly and fully embrace everything evil that you have voted for and continue to support. Stand up and be proud that you are promoters of Godlessness and what Satan stands for. If you approve of what those you support are doing, you have no excuse to not proudly proclaim your allegiance to evil. Join with the British immigrant rape gangs that groom young girls for a life of sexual slavery. And don’t stop there. Go for any and all…

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