Opposing Views – Are Vaccines Safe? 

Modern Republican

Mikhaila Peterson talks with Dr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Amesh Adalja re: vaccine safety, efficacy, and associated controversies, December 22nd


“In this episode of Opposing Views, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Amesh Adalja join Mikhaila to discuss the safety of vaccines, more specifically the Covid19 vaccines. We covered a range of topics including childhood vaccination, the recommended vaccine schedule in the US, vaccine types, safety, additives, and injuries, and much more.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is chairman and founder of Children’s Health Defense. He’s the author of a new book: The Real Anthony Fauci. He is also son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy.

Amesh Adalja is a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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