US Gov’s FEMA Announces Jan. 6, 2022 Webinar to Gather Feedback on the Latest Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation

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Many US enemies are unlikely to intentionally orchestrate a nuclear attack, because they want our land, especially our farmland. While it’s good to review policy and prepare, this appears possibly a means to frame some Americans, or a diversion, or maybe a means to fast track-get the US government to buy related pharmaceutical products, including experimental ones. Now that most of the country complied with the experimental Covid-19 injections, the sky’s the limit for the pharmaceutical industry treating the country as human guinea pigs. Unlike Covid-19, though, many people have the ability to test for radiation, at home.

Nonetheless, it is easy to imagine that whoever really controls the United States would do it, because they hate the United States so much. Plus, the US government nuked the people, historically, during above ground weapons testing, until JFK stopped them. Chernobyl contaminated food was intentionally widely distributed throughout the world, as…

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What is Technocracy and why does it matter? Hint: Technocracy has everything to do with Transhumanism and the globalist plan to TRANSform our way of life

Note: Patrick Wood is the world’s foremost expert of technocracy, where it comes from, how it works, and where it’s leading us in 2022 and beyond. Patrick’s article below puts it all in perspective. He is also holding a livestream event Thursday, Jan. 13, at 8 p.m. ET. The topic isPROPAGANDA- what it is, how you can recognize it and most importantly, what you can do about it. Presenting along with Patrick will be my friend and fellow journalist Alex Newman.A Q&A will follow. This is a perfect opportunity to host a small gathering in your home to bring others into the conversation and get them educated.Here are the details and theaction button to RSVP.

By Patrick Wood of Technocracy.News

If society must be transformed into Technocracy, then the humans who live there must be transformed into Transhumans. In other words, a…

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The Story of Ivermectin, Covid-19 and the Coverup (Video)

The Story of Ivermectin, Covid-19 and the Coverup

boudica us Published January 5, 2022

RumbleThe Story of Ivermectin, Covid-19 and the Coverup

Why have world Governments, Media and Big Pharma been so intent on trying to discredit Ivermectin? Watch this video for proof it works to prevent and cure Covid-19 and the Govt, Media and Pharma have known it all along. Who’s making money by preventing it’s use?



boudica us Published January 5, 2022




Not Safe, Not Effective — 376 Ways That Face Masks Are Known To Harm The Wearer By Allan Stevo

Not Safe, Not Effective — 376 Ways That Face Masks Are Known To Harm The Wearer By Allan Stevo January 5, 2022

Not Safe, Not Effective — 376 Ways That Face Masks Are Known To Harm The Wearer – LewRockwell

On April 3, 2020, political appointees at the CDC announced that face masks are neutral to the wearer and beneficial for those around the wearer. For the good of others they must be worn, we were told. All people needed to wear a mask we were told, j…

Posted on 11:57 AM · Jan 5th, 2022

Not Safe, Not Effective — 376 Ways That Face Masks Are Known To Harm The Wearer

Within weeks scientists at the CDC corrected the record saying face masks do not prevent the spread of a respiratory virus and may, in fact, be harmful to others when worn improperly. Improperly is how virtually all people wear them, many trained medical personnel included. The authors of that research looked at 14 randomized controlled trials. This research appeared in the May 2020 edition of the CDC’s own peer reviewed journal of epidemiology, Emerging Infectious Diseases.

That research took care of one leg of the narrative. Face masks do not work and may harm others when worn around them. That is what the best research indicated then and continues to indicate at this period in time. A problem remains, though. The narrative is still standing. It is still presumed and generally accepted that face masks are neutral to the wearer.

Rather than being based in a search for truth and instead being based in a desire to keep people masked, the narrative accordingly shifted to “Well, face masks make others feel comfortable, so if they don’t harm you, why not wear them?”

That narrative too is inaccurate. Face masks are not merely neutral to you when you wear them. Face masks are unquestionably harmful to the wearer and those around the wearer. Face masks are not “safe and effective.” Face masks are unsafe and ineffective. Below is a non-exhaustive and lengthy list of ways that a face mask is known to harm the wearer. Lew Rockwell read more

Will The GOP Take Over The Senate?

The Lone Cactus

The current US Senate is tied 50/50, with K-baby Harris as the tie-breaking vote, giving the Democrats the majority 51-50. But with all of the infighting and inability of Chuckles Schumer to get his party to pass anything, is there a chance that the GOP can swing more than just one side over to them so they get the majority moving forward in 2023?

I think it’s pretty clear the answer should be “YES”, but let’s look at the battleground states right now and see what’s happening.

The Trafalgar Group has done some polling in Pennsylvania, where it is going to be a horse race. Current Senator, Pat Toomey (R-PA) is retiring. The GOP needs this seat to have a shot at winning the Senate. One of the problems at this point is everyone and their cousin is running on the Republican side for the primary. And as of just…

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boudica us Published January 5, 2022



With the Government created global scamdemic/plandemic South Africa is no longer some distant place that doesn’t concern everyone worldwide.The people must sagainst their respective governments and their immoral, unconstitutional insane mandates and rebel.Those in government supporting these mandates throw the bastards out.

Soros-linked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: No Incarceration Except for Homicide and a Few Other Cases … SOROS, PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

CARDS ON THE TABLE: There is no patience, nor is there quarter to hide within these pages for tsk, tskers, when they wag their fingers in this direction: don’t call Soros an anti-semite! Too damn bad. He is.

FOR in point of fact, Soros, a Jew-by-birth, is an avowed anti-semitic. Yes, a rabid, self-hating Jew! And, as a Jewish American-Israeli, said apologists for evil-doers should be scorned and shamed. Plain and simple.

THAT being established, it is more than provable that Soros is the devil incarnate; hell-bent on destroying America and Israel, with western civilization as the knock-on effect.

CONSIDER the below overwhelming evidence, although hardly exhaustive.

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