Soros-linked Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: No Incarceration Except for Homicide and a Few Other Cases … SOROS, PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1!

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

CARDS ON THE TABLE: There is no patience, nor is there quarter to hide within these pages for tsk, tskers, when they wag their fingers in this direction: don’t call Soros an anti-semite! Too damn bad. He is.

FOR in point of fact, Soros, a Jew-by-birth, is an avowed anti-semitic. Yes, a rabid, self-hating Jew! And, as a Jewish American-Israeli, said apologists for evil-doers should be scorned and shamed. Plain and simple.

THAT being established, it is more than provable that Soros is the devil incarnate; hell-bent on destroying America and Israel, with western civilization as the knock-on effect.

CONSIDER the below overwhelming evidence, although hardly exhaustive.

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