Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway (Video)

Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway

boudica us Published January 6, 2022

Celente & The Judge:

Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway, Fight for Freedom or Lose it Forever.



boudica us Published January 6, 2022



Democrat Governor Admits COVID Hospitalization May Be Inflated By 50%, Makes Move To Change Count

Governments world wide have been lying about this so called pandemic since the beginning. This is a Government worldwide COVID Plandemic, Scamdemic. Wake up.

Democrat Governor Admits COVID Hospitalization May Be Inflated By 50%, Makes Move To Change Count

And yet the failed Covid policies of NY Democrat leadership doesn’t change – on the contrary, New York’s p0lcies are getting worse and more draconian.

Democrat Governor Admits COVID Hospitalization May Be Inflated By 50%, Makes Move To Change Count

By Amanda Prestigiacomo • Daily Wire Jan 4, 2022 •

Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) admitted Monday that hospitalizations in New York are likely being over counted by as much as 50%.

Speaking in Rochester, the Democrat noted that people who are admitted to a hospital for something like a car accident might test positive for COVID. These people are not being treated for the virus, but for their injuries from the accident, yet they are being counted in their COVID hospitalization totals.

“Someone is in a car accident they go to the emergency room they test positive for COVID while they’re there, they’re not they’re being treated for COVID,” Hochul explained, reported News 10’s Jennifer Lewke.

“Now someone’s condition can worsen while they’re in the hospital,” the governor continued, “I’m not saying that won’t happen, but I’ve just been doing a random call around to some of the hospital leaders that I touch base with and I’m seeing numbers from 20% to sometimes 50%. We don’t have clear data right now, that’s anecdotal.”

Starting Tuesday, hospitals will be asked to report to the state “whether a patient is in the hospital for COVID-19 or if they tested positive for COVID-19 while being treated for another ailment,” News 10 noted. Geller Report read more

Austria demotes some 3.8 million double-jabbed to ‘unvaccinated’

Karl Nehammer, Austrian chancellor. Facebook

Austria demotes some 3,8 million double-jabbed to ‘unvaccinated’

The Austrian government announced today that the validity of the “Green Passport” has been reduced to six months. This also means that all people who have had their “full vaccination” for the last six months will be relegated to an inferior civil status and become “unvaccinated”.

Published: January 6, 2022

Even the obedient have become second class people, excluded from social life thanks to the country’s “lockdown for the unvaccinated”. Austrians living in this fact-free dystopian nightmare, are currently faced with two options: Force the government out or take the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and perhaps eternal shot.

Six months ago around 3,8 million Austrians were considered “fully vaccinated”. They trusted the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Greens who had promised that the double injection would “set them free”. Their “civic duty” and “solidarity” would conquer the disease they were told repeatedly and soon everything would return to normal. Or not? Chancellor Nehammer is bringing down the hammer, even on on his followers.

Anyone who does not accept the booster shot with the same agent, which has been proven to have little or no effect against “variants”, is now excluded from social life and is considered a pariah because the “unvaccinated” are bad, stupid people according to official narrative, who endanger others, are probably even “right-wing extremists” or worse… “terrorists”. Being downgraded to an asocial, stupid, right-wing radical by decree, will be a hard pill to swallow for many.

It is not clear how many people will actually lose their “green” status because of those who had been double-jabbed by July 2021, some have already had the booster. It could be that around 1,9 million Austrians – in addition to the already unvaccinated – refuse to obey.

Vaccines are an abject failure FREE WEST MEDIA read more

VICTORY: It’s Time To Pass A NATIONAL Stand Your Ground Law! (Video)

VICTORY: It’s Time To Pass A NATIONAL Stand Your Ground Law!

boudica us Published January 6, 2022

VICTORY: It’s Time To Pass A NATIONAL Stand Your Ground Law!



boudica us Published January 6, 2022

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Israel’s leaders split three ways on Iran. Tehran promises “fresh ideas” for Vienna talks – DEBKAfile


Israel’s ministers and military chiefs aired three diverse views on how to deal with a nuclear Iran at their latest foreign affairs and security cabinet session:

  1. To go along with the negotiating track being pursued by six world powers and Iran in Vienna. Military Intelligence (Aman) director Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva argued that even if they decided to renew the bad 2015 nuclear accord, some limits would remain to curtail Iran’s nuclear activity and Israel and the IDF would win time to properly prepare for a crushing blow to Iran’s nuclear program. This view is not accepted by the Chief of Staff and most of the generals, who assert that he IDF is already now adequately prepared for this mission.
  2. Another proponent of the Vienna track is Foreign Minister Yair Lapid – except that he says he hopes Israel will have some influence on the final text of the renegotiated…

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Drones, bombs, spies — inside Israel’s cunning plan to stop Iran’s nukes


Article is from 6 December, and the events it describes are even older, but an interesting summary nonetheless.


The Iran Center for Advanced Centrifuges facility at Natanz after it was damaged by an explosion on July 2, 2020.

Israel has carried out three major operations over the last 18 months against Iran’s nuclear sites. These attacks involved as many as a thousand Mossad personnel and were executed with ruthless precision using high-tech weaponry, including drones and a quadcopter — and spies within Tehran’s holy of holies, its nuclear program.

While President Biden’s nuclear negotiators try to snatch catastrophe from the jaws of defeat in Vienna, Israel is taking things more seriously.

Last week, Naftali Bennett, the Israeli prime minister,pivoted to a new policy on Tehran: retaliating against aggression from militias backed by Tehran with covert strikes on Iranian soil.

This builds on the extensive capabilities that the Mossad has built up in the Islamic Republic in recent years. In February — seven months before the New York…

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Why Jan 6 Is So Important To Dems

The Lone Cactus

You remember one year ago today, right? Thousands of people (they say 5,000) stormed the Capitol in Washington, DC (they called it an “insurrection”), in hopes of stopping the Congress from accepting the Electoral College’s vote naming Joe Biden as president. The reason was simple. These folks felt the election had been stolen from them. Whether they were right or wrong for feeling that way (some places there was indeed a lot of evidence, others, like Arizona turned out not to be as true), they felt they needed to protest. Democrats are currently having a field day today on Capitol Hill…because they call this an attempt to overthrow the government.

That is a lie.

It wasn’t an attempt to overthrow the government. That would require weaponry, and lots of it. I didn’t see any of the masses in the Capitol carrying guns. But the Dems want to portray that because…

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Half Of Republicans, One Third Of Democrats Say They Have Lost Faith In Democracy — Conservative Review

H/T Arlin Report.
Democracy be damned. I’ve lost faith in those elected to represent us in our representative republic,

Truth2Freedom's Blog

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