FEMA Forcibly Vaccinates Autistic Children in NY School … FEMA, A Most Dangerous Agency ! EVIL.

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

THE combination of hysteria-mongering school administrators, in league with FEMA goons, is a combustible force-multiplier. Thus, they are the “natural” fit to execute their latest mission: the ganged-up vaccination of autistic children!  Only those with ill intent will argue against that.

SO, it is hardly surprising that FEMA is the Biden regime’s go-to address. Even so, few understand what lies beneath its so-called mission. But for further edification, the following should set the record straight.

AS evidenced, even the wreckage of tornado-stricken Kentucky didn’t stop the agency from adminstering a forceful thrust. As such, once again, it makes total (wicked) sense for FEMA’s goons to descend upon those who are entirely susceptible to their monstrous plans!

EVIL, thy name is FEMA!

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