Robert W. Malone MS-MD: Co-Author & Business Partner are Alleged CIA Agents; “Chinese Connections”; “Buddies at the CIA and at DTRA”; Damning CV & Interviews

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Robert W. Malone MS-MD appears to think that mRNA vaccines are dangerous, but has advocated them for those above 60 and for the disabled. The Nazis started by killing seniors and disabled, who they called “useless eaters”. And, so the information hunt has been on, about the evil RW Malone, who is mocking concerned citizens by pretending to care. See Malone’s damning Bio-CV, further below. Also, why is he exposing alleged CIA Agent “buddies”, and who are his “Chinese connections”? By accusing two people of being CIA Agents, Malone has effectively put a hit out on them, even if it’s untrue. If it is true, then it’s illegal.

If RW Malone has a co-author who he alleges is a CIA agent, and a “sometimes business partner”, who is allegedly a CIA agent, then what is he? And, why is he “outing” alleged CIA agents? In Malone’s recent interview…

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