Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway (Video)

Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway

boudica us Published January 6, 2022 27 Views

RumbleWhat is going on?

Celente & The Judge:

Loss of Constitutional Rights Underway, Fight for Freedom or Lose it Forever.

Men and Women in Blue 1-07-2022 (Video)

Men and Women in Blue 1-07-2022

boudica us Published January 7, 2022

RumbleMen and Women in Bkue 1-07-2022
I have great respect for law enforcement, those who uphold the law and serve the people. I have no respect for the mandate enforcement thugs that serve the wanna be dictators that are issuing these do nothing Covid mandates.

Yes, Israel can attack Iran


I haven’t copied across all the info to be found at the link below – the site owner deserves to get the traffic so hit the link for an interesting piece of analysis!

Yes, Israel can attack Iran 1 December 2021


But I will highlight these 2 paragraphs:

It seems to me that despite what Melman and others have said, Israel does have options to attack Iran. One approach is to paralyze the regime as a whole: cut off the head by killing the leadership, and cut the spinal cord by wrecking her communications and power infrastructure (perhaps with EMP weapons). Not everything must be done by manned aircraft: drones, submarine-launched missiles, Jericho ICBMs, and even special forces on the ground could take part. In this way, Iran can be taken out of the game without the need to destroy all her nuclear facilities at once. This also entails neutralizing…

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Bussel Responds to Email Distorting Jewish Attacks against Christians in Israel

The NeoConservative Christian Right

Intro by John R. Houk

Email by Ari Bussel

Intro © January 8, 2022

A quote from Ari Bussel wondering about indigenous born Arab Christians in the Middle East and Israel:

If given a choice to live in the Jewish State or under Arab/Palestinian/Iranian/Muslim rule, they will never choose the latter. And yet, they criticize and malign Israel. I have never understood why so very few of them find the courage or exhibit the characteristics they preach to stand up and defend Israel; unless they think that they have a future at all if Israel will cease to exist.

In this post submitted by Ari is lengthy valid response to an email Ari received pointing to an article about Jews attacking Christians in Israel and a Black-American Bishop who immigrated to Israel acting as if Jewish attack are the norm rather than the exception but with zero mention of Muslims…

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In An Election Year?

The Lone Cactus

Congress gets back to work this week. They’ve taken time off to enjoy the holidays, but now the fun begins for them. Democrats in both the House and the Senate are chomping at the bit to try and get something done. The problem is, this is an election year. And it’s a watershed election year for Democrats. They have a razor thin margin in the House, and no margin what-so-ever in the Senate. So, do you punt the ball to next year and hope to keep control? Or do you try to jam as many unpopular items through as possible and do a scorched earth type of campaign. You know you’re going to lose anyway, make it count toward something.

Either way is a no-win for Democrats.

First of all, if they do nothing, if they sit on the agenda items that Biden spent his first year trying to get…

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Commercial pilot says his colleagues are “dropping like flies with crushing chest pains” following covid vaccinations – NaturalNews.com

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(Natural News) American pilot Greg Pearson isspeaking outabout a wave of post-injection illness that he says is spreading rapidly throughout the aviation industry.

In a recent interview with “Real America’s Voice,” Pearson revealed that many of his pilot colleagues are “dropping like flies” with what he describes as severe chest pains.

Pearson himself actually had to be rushed to the hospital shortly after getting his “vaccination” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because the injection(s) caused him to develop serious heart problems.

“I went to the ER where they quickly hooked me up to EKG IVs, did blood work quickly and determined that I was in atrial fibrillation,” Pearson said during a segment of the show. “It’s the major cause of stroke.”

“I could have stroked out at 100 feet while trying to land an airplane. I could have just pushed down on that stick before the…

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I Guess The Democrats Missed This One … — disturbeddeputy

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Originally posted on Freedom Is Just Another Word…: It seems the Democrats ignore treaties that the US has signed, as well as the US Constitution…but get one on the witness stand, and they plead the 5th…all of a sudden, the Constitution is their friend. Looks like it’ll go to the Supreme Court. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/01/07/the-fate-of-bidens-vaccine-mandates-now-lies-with-supreme-court-n1547681 Where it…

I Guess The Democrats Missed This One … — disturbeddeputy

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America’s Carrying Capacity: Or, How Many Third World Invaders Can We Afford? – News With Views

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Sidney Secular

January 8, 2022

Illegal aliens, “legal” aliens, and refugees increasingly stream into the US as part of a vast global swarming of third-worlders into Western nations aided and abetted by the powers-that-shouldn’t be. Immune to charges of “white privilege,”because few if any are white, they are tempted to come because they see successful essentially white countries will coddle and support them once they arrive. Many of their relatives have already battened upon the nation’s body like hordes of leaches sending scads of money to their families at home and, of course, money talks. This money sent by “immigrants” to the third world only intensifies the desire to immigrate to Anglo land and the chain migration of near and not-so-near relatives makes that desire possible.

Thus, it is relatively simple to round up caravans of invaders to make the trek north, especially when George Soros is providing cushy bus…

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Woman Had A Vision From God Of America Being BOMBED Into Oblivion. If This EVIL Admin Keeps Messing With Russia, It WILL Happen:

FEMALE Pretending To Be A Male Has A Baby. America Is Going To HELL.

The Mad Jewess

FEMALE Pretending To Be A Male Has A Baby. America Is Going To HELL.

God bless America? This is repulsive and sick and the narrator of this video is disgusting. Lord: Please just wreck this country. It is not deserving of anything good.

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