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Report: British Study Says Post-vaccine Heart Damage Worsens With Each Jab

Report: British Study Says Post-vaccine Heart Damage Worsens With Each Jab

R. Cort Kirkwood

Report: British Study Says Post-vaccine Heart Damage Worsens With Each Jab

FG Trade/iStock/Getty Images Plus

A British study reports that myocarditis in men under 40 years old after a China Virus jab is worse than previously thought. The risk for serious complications increases after each inoculation.

The latest on vaccine dangers, reported today by Alex Berenson at Substack, confirms what mRNA vax pioneer Dr. Robert Malone has said. Young people don’t need and should not get the vaccine because the risk of serious injury from the jab is greater than that for the Asiatic pathogen.

The study should be particularly worrisome because colleges are forcing students to get jabbed, as is the U.S. military.

Like Malone, Berenson, a former writer for the New York Times, was kicked off Twitter for challenging the Deep State-Leftist Media narrative about the virus and vaccines. New American read more

Feds form new strike force targeting ‘domestic terrorism’: Show Me the Parent and I’ll Show You the Crime?

Don’t say, don’t think that this is the USA it can’t happen here. This is the USA and it is happening here and it is happening now. You allowed it to happen. Wake up, stand up. Don’t vote party, vote for the individual that is standing for your constitutional rights not some party or individual ideology. Those that aren’t vote out. At the first opportunity….

Feds form new strike force targeting ‘domestic terrorism’: Show Me the Parent and I’ll Show You the Crime?

Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.
Stalin’s Secret Police Chief Lavrentiy Beria

By Christopher Wright

The FBI is starting a new domestic terrorism unit.  It’s not clear what the focus will be, but there’s reason to believe the unit will spend part of its time going after ordinary parents who object to radical school board policies.  This is because, in October, Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to work with local officials to investigate parents who challenge such policies, effectively hanging the label ‘domestic terrorist’ around parents’ necks.

Here’s the latest in the War on Parents [which is at its core a War on Children]:

The FBI used a battering ram to break down the front door of a woman who has run a website objecting to school board policies since 2018. The FBI invaded her home while she was homeschooling her children.

Parents near Detroit held a rally to protest their school district’s “21 Day Equity Challenge” which, among other things, teaches that calling America ‘the land of opportunity’ is a microagression.  The school board thumbed its nose at the parents and said the program would continue.

Education groups in North Carolina objected to an early learning program that teaches “we are all products of a racialized society” and that “Whiteness affects everything … inside and outside the classroom.” The three- and four-year-olds in the program are being taught to “deconstruct whiteness.”   Parents also criticized the state for hiding the materials.

A teacher in Indiana was fired after blowing the whistle on the teaching of critical race theory concepts in math, science and other subjects that officials denied doing.

Parents were apoplectic at a school board meeting in California after it became known that teachers were coaching 12-year-olds to change genders and were changing children’s names and pronouns without telling parents. The teachers had renamed the Gay-Straight Alliance Club to an “equality club” to cover their tracks.

In Illinois, parents will no longer be informed when their young daughters are getting an abortion.

The creator of the 1619 Project repeated the idea that cost Terry McAuliffe the Governor’s mansion in Virginia last November, namely, that parents should have no say over what their children are taught in school.

A Virginia school district took a parent to court after she filed a freedom of information request for details on how it was spending its $3 billion budget.

A school board in Texas shut down parents from speaking at a school board meeting and — get this — sent its school police officers to their homes afterwards to arrest them for disorderly conduct. Leo Hohmann read more

A few curios to start the day: Links 1, January 12, 2022

A few curios to start the day: Links 1, January 12, 2022

First a nice little quote lifted from Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

—C. S. Lewis

1. Jordan Peterson: Open the damn country back up, before Canadians wreck something we can’t fix

[…] But there are empty shelves in the grocery stores here in Fairview. The supply chain that provides our food — just in time — are severely stressed. While I was here, I spoke with a local restaurateur who operates the pizza place I worked in forty years ago. She is barely hanging on. This is true of most local businesses.

I was on the phone for three hours trying to sort out a minor banking issue, after being delayed for a full day while flying, after having been delayed in a similar way only four days before. And, because I am an entitled Westerner, accustomed to my privileges, I got whiny about it. I have a banker that takes care of my affairs, and I sent him and his associate a string of complaints about the service I was receiving. They wrote back, apologetically, and told me that they’re barely able to function with the COVID restrictions, the attendant staff shortages (also caused by illness) and their inability to attract new employees — a problem besetting many industries at the moment. […]

Vlad Tepes read more

While Joe Biden continues to pump U.S. taxpayer money into the “new and improved Taliban 2.0, the Taliban revert to their 7th Century ways

While Joe Biden continues to pump U.S. taxpayer money into the “new and improved Taliban 2.0, the Taliban revert to their 7th Century ways

Biden’s Treasury Department authorizes working with Taliban to facilitate financial aid to Afghanistan which Republicans warn could legitimize and abet Taliban’s theocratic rule. FOX NewsThe Biden administration is taking new actions in an attempt to facilitate humanitarian aid to people in Afghanistan, with the Department of Treasury allowing some financial transactions with the Taliban. “The United States is the largest single provider of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan,” Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo said in a statement Wednesday. “We are committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan, which is why Treasury is taking these additional steps to facilitate assistance.”

The Treasury issued three new “general licenses” that will allow certain types of financial transactions with the Taliban and Haqqani Network, who have been largely shut out of the international financial system by American sanctions aimed at stopping terrorism and human rights abuses. Bare Naked Islam read more

US Congressmen Comer & Jordan: Fauci’s Emails Raise Questions of Lab Leak Cover Up

Mining Awareness +

Press Release
Published: Jan 11, 2022
Comer & Jordan: Fauci’s Emails Raise Questions of Lab Leak Cover Up
Republican lawmakers call for transcribed interview with Dr. Fauci 

WASHINGTON—House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.) and House Committee on the Judiciary Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) today called for a transcribed interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci after new information reveals he may have concealed information from government officials about COVID-19 originating from the Wuhan lab and the virus possibly being genetically manipulated. The new information also indicates Dr. Fauci and former Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins may have colluded with other scientists to downplay the lab leak theory. 

“We write to request a transcribed interview of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Excerpts of emails we are making public today reveal that Dr. Fauci…

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Taliban Vows to Overrun DC with 2,000 Suicide Bombers, Biden Admin Silent as the Grave (Video)

Taliban Vows to Overrun DC with 2,000 Suicide Bombers, Biden Admin Silent as the Grave

boudica us Published January 12, 2022 18 Views

RumbleTaliban Vows to Overrun DC with 2,000 Suicide Bombers, Biden Admin Silent as the Grave

Remember how, after the fall of Kabul, we were promised Taliban 2.0? It was going to be a softer, gentler theocracy — one which was going to include a multitude of voices in government and which definitely wouldn’t be embracing terrorism like it did during its first tenure running the country of Afghanistan.

Yes, well, about that: A report states the group, currently the de facto government of Afghanistan, has now threatened to send 2,000 suicide bombers to Washington, D.C. And yet, there’s nary a peep out of President Joe Biden’s administration.

It’s not that we couldn’t have seen this coming. Since the Biden administration’s capitulation in Afghanistan this summer, the Taliban has made it clear through their actions they’re still the same extremists they were when we chased them from power. The Western Journal has been bringing readers the truth about just how bad the situation in Afghanistan is — and why the president is directly responsible.

More Bad News On Jobs

The Lone Cactus

The December Jobs numbers are out. Now, you’ll hear (or have been by the time you read this) that Joe Biden is really happy with the latest jobs numbers. The unemployment rate fell from 4.2% down to 3.9%. Of course, that’s because well over four million people actually QUIT their jobs in December, when every business out there except maybe swimming pool shops are hiring more people for the holiday rush. He’s going to tell you that he’s added so many millions of new jobs since he took office, and the turnaround of jobs and the economy in this country are great!

He’s not telling you the whole story.

The jobs numbers show that once again, we added less than 200,000 jobs in December. It was 199,000. And the reason why the unemployment rate fell added so few jobs is because an awful lot of those people that were unemployed…

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CDC Whistleblower: “Vaccines Never Meant to Stop Covid-19” …. Clear As A Bell …. A Blessing On His Head! 

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

BY now, it is patently self-evident that the unleashing of the CHI-COM virus (aided and abetted via Fauci’s front-arm, that is, Eco Health Alliance) + the lightening speed release of the experimental mRNA covid vax never had anything to do with “curing” corona or mitigating its effects. Rather, its basis developed as a two-pronged, targeted, years-long collusive plan: worldwide lock-downs aimed towards the “global reset” — the end-point resulting with leadership (elected + non-elected + MSM-DNC media + corporate + big tech power-brokers) and big pharma in the forefront accruing unrestrained power and mega wealth. Yes, this ain’t no conspiracy theory! Evil as that.

TRUTH dare be told, if justice hadn’t been rendered meaningless, Fauci, a/k/a Dr. Death, would be led away in handcuffs and placed on trial; charged with crimes against humanity — not fronting for the CHI-COM-owned Biden regime, in actuality, a…

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MUSLIM TAKEOVER of a Michigan City…coming soon to a community near you…if you let it

MUSLIM TAKEOVER of a Michigan City…coming soon to a community near you…if you let it

Driving through the Michigan city of Hamtramck and its plethora of Arabic signs, women in hijabs, abayas, and burqas, men in Islamic headgear, and the Muslim Call to Prayer being blasted from loudspeakers in the local mosques, will have you thinking you are in downtown Baghdad. Look at the all-Muslim City Council and newly elected Muslim mayors, and you’ll believe you aren’t even in America anymore. But this is just the latest example of how Muslims never actually assimilate into any non-Muslim country, they come to dominate and spread Islam.

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