Enmity Grows Between Trump, Military Over Vaccine Advocacy … What’s Going On? What’s At Stake?

Adina Kutnicki

By Adina Kutnicki

SANS a scintilla of a doubt, President Trump was the most effective POTUS in modern history. But, like all fallible mortals, he has an Achilles heel.

NOT being a psychiatrist, it is still safe to “diagnose”: admitting he was duped is a bridge too far for the prideful leader.

BY now, rational folks should agree (despite ideological bent) that his decision to shut the borders to China from the onset (proven to be a CHI-COM-Fauci designed gain-of-function unleashing) and at warp-speed, no less, was spot on.

NEVERTHELESS, the fact that he chose Dr. Death to be the voice of all things covid-related, attests and supports the conviction that his warp-speed decision-making was a mega disaster. Inexorably, the negative results from pushing this maximum speed game-plan, without proper due diligence, underlies the confusion (and anger) from his millions-strong base. Inexplicably, he continued to keep Fauci on…

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