Fauci: The Modern Pharaoh/Herod

The Mad Jewess

Fauci: The Modern Pharaoh/Herod

Fauci says he expects fast decision on J&J shots ...

Submitted by Tiff:

A mental connection of Pharaoh and Herod.

It has always been about the children….

Since the dawn of time, or rather the creation of time, space, earth, and man, Gd has desired a close relationship with us. Gd has no spiritual grandchildren. Therefore our purpose is to teach the next generation who He is, and how to walk with Him. Satan, the adversary, who wanted to dethrone our Creator and was thrown out of heaven – wants the ultimate revenge. Because he can’t be King of the Universe, the next best thing is to try and steal the Almighty’s children away.

Satan has used many people for his evil scheme. A few stand out that any believer should know. Pharoah. As the Hebrew children toiled as slaves in Egypt, he began to fear and hate them for fear they would take over…

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