UC Davis-One Health PREDICT Subcontracted to Wuhan Lab (WIV) Via its Partner EcoHealth; One Health Got DARPA PREEMPT Contract in 2019; Over 61% of EcoHealth Alliance’s US Govt Funding is from the Dept of Defense

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The Department of Defense accounts for 61.56% of EcoHealth Alliance’s US government funding and the National Institute of Health accounts for 14%. EcoHealth Alliance has gotten at least $68.5 Million from the US government (2008-2022). https://www.usaspending.gov/recipient/b4530532-4f85-c249-5fa5-0b86b6cff0ca-P/all So, the information about DARPA refusing an EcoHealth proposal looks like a sort of diversion.

Just because DARPA supposedly didn’t directly fund one EcoHealth proposal (DEFUSE), doesn’t mean that EcoHealth didn’t/doesn’t get funding. One big reason that funding would go to, and sometimes through, UC-Davis is that the university gets something like 60% tacked on as overhead and some of that returns to the State of California. And, those members of Congress from California will then vote for more $ in the future for DARPA, etc. If the contract goes to EcoHealth then the pork barrel $ would go to EcoHealth, and their subcontractors. It looks rather delusional to think that the US Department…

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