We are on track to win the death-shot battle, but this WAR is about to get worse, much worse. (Video)

We are on track to win the death-shot battle, but this WAR is about to get worse, much worse.

boudica us Published January 18, 2022

RumbleWe are on track to win the death-shot battle, but this WAR is about to get worse, much worse. Prepare and pray!

The Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System- Interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Video)

The Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System- Interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

boudica us Published January 18, 2022

RumbleThe Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System- Interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whom I’ve interviewed twice previously, was among the first U.S. physicians to develop an early treatment program for the novel SARS-CoV-2 infection. He popularized the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and when hydroxychloroquine became increasingly difficult to obtain, he was also among the first to identify quercetin as a viable alternative.

• Dozens of peer-reviewed studies show that when COVID-19 is treated within the first few days of symptom onset, there’s an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death
• With Omicron, we have been gifted a best-case scenario. The highly contagious virus can rip through the population, causing only mild cold symptoms, thus producing herd immunity without the risk of mass casualties
• Two months before the rollout of the COVID shots, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was aware that they could cause serious problems, including heart attacks, strokes, myocarditis, blood clots, neurological problems and more, yet they pushed them anyway
• Dr. Vladimir Zelenko believes SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon. Patents spanning two decades support this view. Those who created the weapon also investigated and identified antidotes, which includes the zinc ionophore hydroxychloroquine
• The antidote to COVID was intentionally suppressed to encourage people to get the COVID jab, which Zelenko believes is a tool to tag people for the New World Order slave system

Even as Pfizer CEO admits the jabs don’t work, liberal cities continue to roll out vaccine mandates

Via NEWSTARGET. Liberal cities? Democrat, leftist, progressive communist cities!

01/17/2022 / By Ethan Huff
Even as Pfizer CEO admits the jabs don’t work, liberal cities continue to roll out vaccine mandates

The mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., have announced that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” will now be required in order to enter bars and restaurants that offer in-person service.

Jacob Frey of Minneapolis and Melvin Carter of St. Paul say the new edict will come into effect on Jan. 19. Starting that day, everyone wishing to go to the bar or eat out will have to show proof of injection or a “negative” test taken within 72 hours of entry.

For ticketed events, Carter added, the mandate will come into effect on Jan. 26 in his community.

Frey, by the way, infamously made it “illegal” to pump gas after dark following the George Floyd psy-op, just because.

“Minnesota’s bar industry is not pleased with the new Minneapolis and St. Paul vaccine-or-negative test rules,” tweeted Theo Keith, a reporter at FOX 9.

A statement from Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association Executive Director Tony Chesak said that this vaccine mandate is “hard to understand” and both “unjustified and unscientific.”

“It targets just one specific industry after zero science or data driving the decision, and zero caring about our dedicated front-line workers who will now add ‘enforcement agent’ to their plates.”

“The only scientific thing we know is that it has devastated the hospitality industry in other cities with these same mandates.”

Chesak went on to say that the whole “we’re all in this together” mantra is bogus when only certain industries are being targeted with these onerous mandates. NEWSTARGET read more

Redefining America

The Lone Cactus

I was in St. Louis recently, and was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal while visiting my daughter’s family. It hit me like a ton of bricks. How many of you remember when the word “gay” meant “happy”? How about when the word “woke” meant you had awaken from sleep? The left it seems, loves to redefine words. And I’ve had some relatively recent experience with this.

While I was on the Board of Directors of a company here in the desert, one of the Board members had a pretty well defined “conflict of interest”. Now, our bylaws actually defined what a conflict of interest was. But rather than use that definition, she tried to foist her own definition onto the rest of the Board so it would appear that she didn’t have a problem. She did. And this is just the example I was personally involved in.

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Schumer Kills Biden’s Agenda

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It really wasn’t Chuckles Schumer that killed Biden’s agenda. It was Schumer’s inability to lead that did it in. If you haven’t been following the big news from DC in the last few days, Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced this past Thursday that no, she wasn’t going to change her stance on the proposals Democrats were floating to change the filibuster rules so they could pass a very partisan “John LewisVoter’s Rights Act”. The House has already passed that measure. So why is it Schumer’s fault and not Sinema’s? Because Krysten had said repeatedly from the beginning (along with Joe Manchin) that she was steadfast in believing that the filibuster rule in the Senate was an asset to the country and shouldn’t be changed just to pass a law.

I applaud my Senator, and for the first time I can honestly say, I’m proud of a Democrat!

Schumer and his cronies…

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Dems are Engaged in a Double Power-Grab of Trying to End the Filibuster and Enact a Federal Takeover of US Elections

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But you ought to ask all 50 of them, every single one of the Democrats: Do you agree with Chuck Schumer [that] ending the filibuster is ‘doomsday for democracy’? And if not, why? Is it just that your team is the one that can’t get their way? Now it’s your side that wants to change the rules midstream. Now it’s your side that if you don’t get your way you change the rules. Was Joe Biden lying in 2019? Was Senator Schumer lying in 2005? I don’t know your ask them…. “I cannot think of another time when a senator has voted for something that he is called ‘doomsday for democracy.’ That’s not just a little hypocritical. And by the way, all the Democrats agreed with it. They were all standing shoulder to shoulder in 2005. When Senator Schumer said this, he was either lying or telling the truth…

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Dr. Alveda King & Ambassador Ken Blackwell on Biden-Harris Speech Regarding the Freedom to Cheat Act

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Dr. Alveda King is Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece and the daughter of civil rights activist A. D. King. She was 17 years old when Dr. M. L. King was assassinated.

AFPI Statement: Dr. Alveda King & Ambassador Ken Blackwell on Biden-Harris Speech Regarding the Freedom to Cheat Act
JANUARY 11, 2022
President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’s speech in Atlanta today was an insult to all Americans, especially those in the African American community. We were deeply involved in the wars that started and ended the Civil Rights movement in this country. The President and Vice President’s misguided insistence on the ignorant, false claim that America is somehow stuck in the 1960s is disgusting, dangerous, and an affront to all the sacrifices and great successes this country’s brave Civil Rights pioneers made.

In fact, it is grotesquely offensive to compare segregated lunch counters, attack dogs, firehoses, and Bull…

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1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT

Don’t think this is an isolated incident and won’t happen/isn’t happening again.

1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT

In December of 1993, Scott Allen, a journalist at the Boston Globe, uncovered documents showing years of ethically dubious experiments conducted on Fernald Center youth. The day after Christmas, he published an article, “Radiation Used on Retarded,” noting that “Records at the Fernald State School list them as “morons,” but the researchers from MIT and Harvard University called the retarded teen-age boys who took part in their radiation experiments ‘the Fernald Science Club.’” 

Children Fed Radioactive Cereal

Children at Fernald State School fed Radioactive Cereal by scientist at MIT & Harvard University

Developmentally disabled children at the Fernald State School and a state School in Waltham, Massachusetts were subjected to radioactive nutrition experiments sponsored by the AEC conducted by Harvard University and MIT researchers. The children were fed Quaker Oats breakfast cereal containing radioactive tracers to test absorption of plant minerals and calcium. Parents were never informed that radioactive elements were involved in the tests. Alliance for Human Research Protection read more

The Case Against Price Controls, Part II

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International Liberty

To explain why politicians should not interfere with prices, I’ve shared videos from Marginal Revolution, Don Boudreaux, Learn Liberty, and Russ Roberts.

To add to that collection, here’s part of a lecture by Professor Antony Davies.

The bottom line is that price controls have a history of failure, anywhere and everywhere they’ve been tried.


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