The Quartering: Jack Murphy Got Me Banned On Twitter! STILL Wants Sydney Watson FIRED!

Modern Republican

The saga of Jeremy (The Quartering) versus the “alpha male” Jack Murphy (The Liminal Order) CONTINUES, December 30th

I kinda feel the same as Jeremy in that… like, none of this is or ever had to be a big deal, and really still isn’t beyond Murphy going overboard attacking people like Jeremy over the whole scandal.

Never been into the “alpha male” or “how to be a man” or “how to be masculine” schticks, even Jordan Peterson’s lingo is sometimes a bit too much like that for my tastes.


I did go from being a Democrat to being a deplorable Republican.

So did my grandpa. That was 2015.

Similar to Murphy’s political background, far as I know, and his cam work doesn’t somehow erase or contradict that; it’s a bit hypocritical re: the macho guru stuff lol but at the end of the…

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