Russia is Predicted to be a Muslim Country by 2050

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Russia is 14% Muslim; Predicted to be 30% Muslim by ca 2034; Ethnic Russians-Christians Predicted to be (Almost) Non-Existent by 2050 according to the Chair of the Orthodox Christian Commission on the Family.

Numerically, Russia has approximately 3 times more Muslims than France, 5 times more Muslims than Great Britain (England-Scotland-Wales) and 7 times more Muslims than the United States. These Muslims aren’t ethnic Russians, either. Russia will be ethnic Chechen, Ingush, and Arab. That is, of course, unless China takes over the land. There will probably be Muslims from the Indian subcontinent, too, though that’s not mentioned.

Russia is far more Muslim than France or Great Britain or Ukraine or the USA, and is quickly becoming a majority Muslim country. Russia is around 14% Muslim; France is 9% Muslim, Great Britain is 5% Muslim, and the US less than 1% Muslim. Ukraine was around 1% Muslim prior to Russia…

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