Fauci Sad Little Man by Five Times August Official Music Video

Fauci Sad Little Man by Five Times August Official Music Video

boudica us Published January 21, 2022


Sad Little Man by Five Times August Official Music Video
Narcissism at it’s worst . these kind of people are very sick and you will never cure them.

UK Girl on Face-Masks, Schools and How They ‘Damaged’ Her Generation (Video)

UK Girl on Face-Masks, Schools and How They ‘Damaged’ Her Generation

boudica us Published January 21, 2022

RumblePowerful and Heartbreaking | UK Girl on Face-Masks, Schools and How They ‘Damaged’ Her Generation | 1/19/22

“The damage they have done to my generation has been unbelievable.” God bless this young lady from the UK. She cries out for her generation. “Please. Watch. This. British news program. A commentator who is student reacts to the announcement that Britain is removing masks. Watch at 1:40 seconds. Her breakdown is what almost ALL students feel about masks.”

Candice Owens Schools Tucker Carlson: ‘They Really Do Want A Global Technocracy’ (Video)

Candice Owens Schools Tucker Carlson: ‘They Really Do Want A Global Technocracy’

boudica us Published January 21, 2022

RumbleCandice Owens Schools Tucker Carlson: ‘They Really Do Want A Global Technocracy’

Candace Owens joined FNC’s Tucker Carlson on Tuesday:

CANDACE OWENS: There is so much I want to say here. You’re talking NGOs, and I can’t say enough: You have to look into what’s really going and you have to understand that yes this was a manufactured, yes it was a plot.

Do not allow people to look at you and issue pejoratives and call you a conspiracy theorist. You can look this up yourself.

Look at the World Economic Forum. The person who heads it up is a person named Klaus Schwab. Schwab released a book in 2020 talking about how the pandemic represented an opportunity for them to transform the world, for them to abolish private property.

Look at everything they are doing and you understand this is exactly what they’re after. The eviction moratorium basically saying you have to allow people who are effectively homeless live in your home. You’re making no money. How are they going to be able to pay back their mortgages? They’re not going to. They’re going to default.

People will be scooping up their properties, that were once owned by people in the hard-working American middle-class. Citizens that were maintaining their lifestyles before the government forced shut this down.

You look at the inner cities and you say, why do they want these problems? Why are they funding these problems? Why do they want drug addicts? Who on Earth would ever fund these centers to allow people to do drugs?

You’re looking at a government that wants a system of dependence. I look at the situation and I say what we’re seeing is modernized system of slavery. This is slavery in 2022 and they are proliferating this under the guise of Covid 19…

Candace Owens Who wrote the software in your head (Video)

Candace Owens Who wrote the software in your head

boudica us Published January 21, 2022


Topic: Mass Shootings and White People

“Who wrote the software in your head. Are you sure you want it there?”

Our children! What in the hell is our government and your compliance doing to them?

Our children! What in the hell is our government and your compliance doing to them?

Supply Chain Woes

The Lone Cactus

Oh, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The talking head snowflake mainstream media has moved on to other issues, like Voting Rights legislation that is now all but dead (if you listen to James Clyburn), but trust me…there are still ships by the hundreds sitting in the waters off of Long Beach, California filled to the brim with tractor trailers.

And why is it going to be getting worse?

Well, nothing has happened to change why it’s there in the first place. But there has been a change as to why it will get worse. First of all, the supply chain woes are there for two reasons, regardless what Joe Biden and the mainstream snowflake media is telling you. The mask-and vaccine mandates that are being implemented by the folks at the pier in Long Beach causes a lot of it’s workers to decide to stay home…

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Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits

H/T Arlin Report


The original date for the bank to produce the records was December 7, but JPMorgan — advised by Loretta Lynch as its legal counsel — bizarrely requested that the deadline be extended until December 24: the day before Christmas, knowing that courts would be closed that day and the next. It was only on December 21 — when Budowich was in Washington for his testimony before the committee — did JPMorgan send him notice at his home that it had received a subpoena and intended to produce the requested documents on December 24: just three days later. As JPMorgan and Lynch knew would happen, Budowich did not see the letter until he arrived home on the evening of December 22: less than forty-eight hours before the bank told him they were going to give up all of his financial records to the committee.


Glenn Greenwald

In its ongoing attempt…

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America Floats: Pfizer Is China, China Is Pfizer!

Modern Republican

America Floats re: the ties between Pfizer, one of the producers of experimental mRNA drugs for covid, and the Communist government of China, December 27th

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US Congressman Gooden on TSA Using Migrants’ Arrest Warrants as ID for Boarding a Plane

Mining Awareness +

ICYMI: Rep. Gooden Joins Fox and Friends to Blast TSA for Using Migrants’ Arrest Warrants as ID January 20, 2022
WASHINGTON – On Thursday, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) joined Fox and Friends to discuss his discovery that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is allowing illegal migrants’ arrest warrants to serve as identification when boarding a plane.

Rep. Lance Gooden said, “President Biden is putting millions of Americans at risk by allowing known criminals and potential terrorists to fly on U.S. airlines. A criminal alien shouldn’t be allowed to board a plane after presenting a warrant for their arrest. They should be detained and brought before a judge.”

Interview excerpt:

“We’ve heard these stories about illegals with no ID… potentially severe criminals… And TSA confirmed that all they need is an arrest warrant to get past security.”

“It tells me that all I need to do is wear a mask…

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Cancels Covid Pass and Mask Mandates

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The French parliament just voted for requiring vaccine passports – no longer allowing testing, as in the case of the health pass. The government of Austria plans to do forced vaccination from February. However, the UK Prime Minister is canceling the NHS Covid pass, and the mask mandates. It’s a bit late for the 90% over 60 who got a booster. Nonetheless, it’s better than endless boosters. It will be interesting to see if Boris gets thrown out and the mandates reinstated, or if the mandates are really over in the UK. Based on the speech, this may not apply for Scotland but for England and apparently Northern Ireland. For Wales, we don’t know.

An NHS COVID Pass shows your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination details or test results.https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/covid-pass/

Northern Ireland publicans hail removal of vaccine passports and other Covid restrictions as ‘fantastic newshttps://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus/northern-ireland-publicans-hail-removal-of-vaccine-passports-and-other-covid-restrictions-as-fantastic-news-41262216.html


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