Full Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin (Video)

Full Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin

boudica us Published January 22, 2022
RumbleFull Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin

In an NBC News worldwide exclusive, senior international correspondent Keir Simmons sits down with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow for a one-on-one interview, just days ahead of a critical summit with President Biden.

Texas synagogue attack shows that the Islamic terrorist network in America has been left untouched under the Biden Regime

Texas synagogue attack shows that the Islamic terrorist network in America has been left untouched under the Biden Regime

The attack on a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas last Saturday again highlights the dangerous truth that the FBI and state authorities across America have done nothing – absolutely nothing – to rip down the Islamic terrorist support network in the United States, which is comprised of all of the most prominent Islamic organizations in America, as a matter of fact and evidence.+

Understanding the Threat (h/t Starman) Despite the fact that nearly all Islamic terrorist attacks inside the United States can be directly tied to support from the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Deobandi (Tabligi Jamaat/Dar ul Uloom), and other partnered Islamic Movements inside America, nothing has been done to systematically take these networks down by the very agencies charged with doing so. Bare Naked Islam read more

The Russian Empire Just Being The Russian Empire: 800s to Present

Mining Awareness +

On se flatterait en vain de connaitre la Russie actuelle, si l’on ne remontait plus haut dans son histoire.”—Le Pere Pierling (One cannot understand Russia today, without going far back in its past [1])

The Russian government is actually right. They shouldn’t really be compared to Nazi Germany, except economically. But, rather to their own land-grabbing, genocidal imperialist history. Nazi Germany only existed from 1933 to 1945, whereas Russia’s imperialist conquest-land grabs and genocides stretch far back in history over more than a thousand years, since the mid 800s, when they were founded as a Viking state. When the Russian government whines and complains about Europe, they need only look in the mirror. They are a European imperialist state from start to finish, though without democratic traditions. On the other hand, from an economic perspective, Russia is a strange mix of government owned companies and monopoly capitalism, which…

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White House guidance for Americans who feel “pissed off”: “Go to a kickboxing class have a margarita.” (Video)

White House guidance for Americans who feel “pissed off”: “Go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita.”

Biden’s No Good, Very Bad First Year 👎

Via Geller Report

Biden’s No Good, Very Bad First Year 👎

Biden’s No Good, Very Bad First Year 👎

By Stand for America, January 20, 2022

Joe Biden has been president for exactly a year. Are Americans better off now than we were 12 months ago? 

The answer is a resounding no.

That’s true on every measure that matters: our public safety, our personal freedom, our family budgets, our children’s futures, and our national security.

Biden tried to take a victory lap in a speech yesterday, but Americans know better. Here are just a few of the ways we’re suffering after a year of failed liberal leadership.

  • Biden’s Border Surge: From day one, Biden essentially said that America’s borders are open. He stopped border wall construction, tried to end Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and is still pushing for amnesty. Now illegal border crossings have hit the highest level ever recorded. And border seizures of deadly drugs like fentanyl have more than doubledBiden is putting illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens.
  • Biden Abandons Kids: The Biden administration has put teacher unions ahead of kids and parents. It collaborated with unions to prevent in-person learning. Now students are five months behind on math and four months behind in reading. America has a lost generation of children.

But Biden isn’t just hurting America from the inside. He’s weakening America on the world stage, too.

  • Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal: When Biden announced America would withdraw troops, he set the stage for Afghanistan’s swift fall to the Taliban. He then left hundreds of U.S. citizens and potentially hundreds of thousands of Afghan allies behind. Terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda are already rebuilding. And not only are America’s allies mad at us, enemies like Communist China think America won’t stand with friends like Taiwan.
  • Biden’s Gifts To Russia: Time and again, the president has given in to Vladimir Putin’s demands. On cyber attacks, Biden gave Putin a list of our most vulnerable industries and a free pass to target everything else. And Biden waived sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, hurting American energy producers and giving Russia leverage over our allies and partners. Yesterday in his speech, Biden basically gave Putin a greenlight to “move in” on Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has Joe Biden’s number.
  • Biden’s China Kowtow: Instead of holding China accountable for lying about the coronavirus, Biden has tried to strike a climate change deal with Beijing. And instead of standing up to China’s horrible human rights abuses, Biden has merely announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Biden is failing the greatest foreign policy test of the 21st century.
  • Biden Pleads With Iran: The president is so desperate to rejoin the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, he’s offered Iran sanctions relief—which means more money to terrorists who attack America’s troops and allies. Meanwhile, Iran is upping uranium enrichment and harassing inspectors. Biden is doing nothing to stop the ayatollahs from getting a nuclear weapon and threatening us.

One year in, what’s the verdict on Joe Biden? America is poorer, weaker, and losing its self-confidence. Joe Biden’s policies are failing—and he still has three more years to go.

 Read more: Biden insists he’s ‘outperformed’ expectations in first solo WH news conference in 10 months (New York Post)

 Read more: Biden’s terrible first year (Washington Examiner)

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This appears to be relating to the UK. What about the USA?

DATA PROTECTION ACT/GDPR-SCHOOLS There are more stories of children who are being asked by teachers to disclose their vaccine status in class. This sort of humiliation is not only immoral but also illegal. These tactics are to coerce, humiliate and bully children. Some children have also been asked to disclose their parent’s vaccination status. Teachers should be reported for this behaviour. They should also be sent copies of the Data Protection Act and the rules of GDPR which schools must adhere to. https://gdpr-info.eu/art-5-gdpr/ https://ukgdpr.fieldfisher.com/chapter-8/artic… https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/12/s… https://t.me/childcovidvacci…

realcandaceowens Verified The Ugly Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse & Black Lives Matter (Video)

realcandaceowens Verified The Ugly Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse & Black Lives Matter

boudica us Published January 22, 2022



The Ugly Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse & Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter once again sides with utter degeneracy— but this time, they lose.

November 19, 2021

Putin’s Real Puppet – After Killing XL Pipeline, Biden Regime Imports Oil from Russia at Record Levels

Putin’s Real Puppet – After Killing XL Pipeline, Biden Regime Imports Oil from Russia at Record Levels
GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Joe Hoft | Jan. 22, 2022As a result of his insane move to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, Biden is now importing a record amount of oil from Russia.  We all knew this would happen.  Really, why would Biden do this?

Energynow.com reports:

One year since President Joe Biden cancelled approval for the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, and the United States’ thirst for oil is as strong as ever and rising.

U.S. oil imports from Saudi Arabia and Russia have increased, and gasoline prices are higher than they have been in the last five years. 

[Keystone XL] was a missed opportunity to increase North American energy security, lower costs for American consumers and reduce dependence on foreign energy sources that are hostile to U.S. interests,” says Frank Macchiarola, senior vice-president with the American Petroleum Institute… America’s Civil War Rising read more