Sperm in a bag of potato chips – that’s how imprisoned Palestinian terrorists father children outside of prison

Adina Kutnicki

PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH | By Nan Jacques Zilberdik | Jan. 18, 2022

  • Released prisoner explains in detail how terrorist prisoners smuggle sperm out of Israeli prisons

Sperm in bags of potato ships – that is the way Palestinian terrorists smuggle sperm out of prison, a released terrorist prisoner told PA TV. Rafat Al-Qarawi, who himself claims to have fathered four children this way, explained that the terrorists smuggle out sperm in bags of potato chips that they reseal, mark with their name, and wrap in a certain way so that the family knows which bag contains the sperm:

Released prisoner Rafat Al-Qarawi: “At first, we smuggled out [sperm] through the canteen. The Palestinian prisoner gives his family five items in a bag… It’s like going to a supermarket and you want to give your family something, a gift, candies, cookies, juice, honey, whatever you want… We would emit the [sperm]…

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