Vladimir Putin Threatens War In Europe – US Senator Wicker

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Vladimir Putin Threatens War In Europe
JANUARY 24, 2022

Thirty years ago in Moscow, the red flag of the Soviet Union was lowered for the last time as the USSR officially dissolved. The collapse of that “evil empire,” as Ronald Reagan called it, was a seismic event. Millions who had suffered under communism became free, and hopes grew that Russia itself might become a free democracy willing to respect its neighbors. Sadly, those hopes have long vanished under the rule of Vladimir Putin, whose campaign to rebuild the Russian empire is now pushing Europe to the brink of war. Having seized parts of Georgia in 2008 and parts of eastern Ukraine in 2014, Putin is now posturing to invade the Ukrainian heartland, threatening the peace of Europe and our national interests.

For months, Putin has been laying the groundwork for an invasion…

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