8,500 US Troops Placed On High Alert

The Lone Cactus

Now, before we rush into rash decisions here, realize that Joe Biden hasn’t made any decision to send troops into harms way in Eastern Europe. They aren’t going to Ukraine just yet. Oh, they’re getting ready. That means they are packing their bags, putting their affairs in order, saying goodbye to family and friends. But they’re not shoving off just yet.

Biden wants to wait a bit to see what Vladimir Putin is going to do. After Biden’s remarks during his press conference last week, where he said that “If it were just an insurgency, we wouldn’t send troops, we’d consider other options.” Putin probably took that as a green light to move forward with invading the rest of Ukraine. Remember, he took Crimea from Ukraine with not a shot being fired, and no real response from the United States back during the Obama administration. Biden is showing him that…

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