Biden and the Ukrainian Russian border (Video)

Biden and the Ukrainian Russian border

boudica us Published January 26, 2022

RumbleBiden and the Ukrainian Russian border

Don’t let Biden get us involved in a Ukrainian-Russo war to deflect from his utter failure as POTUS. H e doesn’t care about the Russian Ukrainian border any more than he cares about the US Mexican border and that is a big doesn’t give a f^uck.

1 thought on “Biden and the Ukrainian Russian border (Video)

  1. Thanks for the reblogs and your opinion video. Since you asked for comment:
    You and Tucker are both certainly right about Biden and the US border. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I don’t think for a second that Biden-Blinken will go to war with Russia. The US Congress may, however. Blinken just makes noise and does the opposite of what he says. Blinken’s step father was very pro-Russian. I think they will send weapons there and then let Russia have them as they did in Afghanistan. The real problem is Germany who would rather have their big Mercedes and SUVs and overheat their homes and businesses than stand up for democracy. They have more cars per capita now than Americans and walk less, even though their cities are more walkable.

    As for ethnic Russian regions, by that definition then the US will soon belong to Mexico or India or China. Russia has always intentionally moved in their ethnics, while genociding the locals. Kaliningrad is highly Russian but prior to 1945 it wasn’t Russian at all, it was German. The big problem is that China has money and Russia has oil and gas and with these two weapons they control most of Latin America and Europe and Africa. At least the UK is trying to help Ukraine. Boris Johnson’s ancestors were genocided by Russia and sold into slavery in Turkey. Russia also threatened him, because he likened them to Nazis.

    Europe is really in trouble with the Ukraine situation. The real question is should we care if Russia and China run over Europe militarily. Once Russia controls the entire Black Sea, they will easily run over Romania, the rest of Europe and even Turkey. Poles helped us during the American Revolution and during the World Wars. Romanian seems to want to be free, too. I hate to see Europe fall, though most will get what they deserve, as they are mostly unappreciative of everything that we have done to help them. The big problem is that we certainly cannot trust Biden and whether or not we should trust the US Congress remains unclear.


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