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Posted January 30, 2022

I am on the email list of Speaking About News which picks up stories for other websites (much like I do as well) and posts them. Here is some opinion (based on facts) from Wayne Allyn Root acquired from Townhall (which seems to be migrating to a subscription service) entitled, “COVID-19 Storyline is the Greatest Scam in History – This is a ‘Pandemic of the Vaccinated’.”

Then I am cross posting the Bitchute Channel BNN’s capture of David & Stacy Whited (of Flyover Conservatives) interviewing Dr. Bryan Ardis discussing FDA lies about Remdesivir, mRNA Jabs and lies on PROVEN effective therapies against COVID under the title “DR. ARDIS: EXPOSING FDA LIES… ARE THERE REALLY VARIANTS?!” I have no when the episode actually aired but the BNN version is dated 1/29/22.


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Hippies showed the way

H/T Arlin Report

Iowa Independents Blog

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David Horowitz

No doubt David Horowitz has written a book on my thesis. He’s written like 200 books. I think he should be interviewed a lot more right now. I liked the guy, but I truly never saw all that he had to offer until now. People often don’t understand the global nature of communism. All these small towns operating in unison isn’t by accident. Their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 policies were developed at liberal think tanks and passed down to communities.

David I know understands this. He was part of the radical agenda. He knows the Left I would say better than anyone. My thesis is that the cultural revolution of the 60’s was just that, a movement that permeated the entire culture. Movies, music, clothing styles, books, magazines, our schools, every part of our society. That type of total coverage made it seem inevitable. The Old Guard…

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Let me recount!

H?T Arlin Report

Since obtaining office a little more that a year ago Biden has:

  1. Stripped the US of her ability to re remain energy independent.
  2. Opened our southern border allowing countless people of questionable backgrounds in.
  3. Spent more money than all who came before him.
  4. Mismanaged the Covid pandemic.
  5. Allowed the Afghanistan debacle to occur.


Biden is about to start a war between us and the Russian and Chinese axis. This at a time when America is on her knees. Wow. Make you wonder what year two has in store.

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Message to ruling elites: Your time is up, you no longer have the consent of the governed, you must resign from all positions of authority, now

Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau is getting an up-close-and-personal view of the ‘fringe minority’ …but will he stop hiding under his bed and take a look at it?

What’s transpired over this weekend in Canada is unique in history. I can’t think of anything this potentially transformational, not even the Polish uprising that kicked off the shackles of Soviet communism and touched off the beginning of the collapse of that system’s hold over the whole of Eastern Europe.

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Adverse Events Hidden As Unvaxed and more (Video)

Adverse Events Hidden As Unvaxed and more

boudica us Published January 30, 2022

RumbleAdverse Events Hidden As Unvaxed, Study: Natural Immunity 3X Better & #TruckersForFreedom Go Global

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Withholding Early Covid Treatments Is Criminal

Withholding Early Covid Treatments Is Criminal

Contrary to what corporate media would have you assume coronaviruses are not uncharted territory. In fact, human coronaviruses are responsible for between 15-30% of common colds, annually.

Despite this governments, public health officials and corporate media have supressed prophylactic and early treatments for Covid in favour of life-threatening treatments such as midazolam, remdesivir and Covid injections.  It’s nothing short of criminal.

Influenza, “the flu”, infected 35 million Americans in 2018-19, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). But the CDC reported a total of 1,710 total flu infections in the United States from September 27, 2020 to April 3, 2021.

Meanwhile the CDC is reporting over 31 million “Covid-19” cases in the United States since the disease started in March 2020. Or shall we say, since the rebranding campaign began, wrote The Covid Blog.

Similarly in the UK: common influenza, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections were rebranded as Covid to artificially inflate statistics.

The UK’s Office for National Statistics (“ONS”) data shows that deaths in 2018 from influenza and pneumonia amounted to 29,516 and in 2019 deaths were 26,398.  However, deaths in 2020 for influenza were recorded at just 394 and pneumonia at 13,619.

Inflation of Covid statistics is just one of the many accusations submitted in a complaint to the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) regarding crimes against humanity committed in the United Kingdom.  Read the ICC complaint in the document attached here:

Since March 2020 Dr. Vernon Coleman has described Covid as a disease which can be compared with the flu.  In an attempt to “put the nonsense to bed once and for all” Dr. Coleman compared Covid and flu by taking a closer look at a report published by the CDC fairly early on in the Covid hoax.  You can find Dr. Coleman’s comparison HERE.

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Belarus-Russia Weaponizing Migrants to Disrupt the GIPL Pipeline Between Poland & Lithuania?

Mining Awareness +

Poland and Lithuania fought for freedom from Russia (and Germany) for hundreds of years. They are now trying to be independent from Russian energy-blackmail by building GIPL and other pipeline projects. Meanwhile, Germany’s deepening its Russian dependence with Nord Stream 2. As can be seen on the map, Russia needs to return Kaliningrad, historical Königsberg, taken after World War II, to Europe. It’s that little enclave on the map marked Russia. The GIPL pipeline project is forced to transit the narrow stretch of land between Russia and Belarus. Russia and Belarus could easily work together to cut the pipeline. Hence, the importance of securing the area with a wall and military. Poland has cancelled its Yamal pipeline Gazprom (Russia) contract. Poland and Lithuania are building an interconnector pipeline (GIPL) and working with other projects. Yamal transits Belarus and, so, Belarus will lose a lot of transit fees.

GIPL Pipeline Route…

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boudica us Published January 30, 2022

RumbleWhat is going on?