Belarus-Russia Weaponizing Migrants to Disrupt the GIPL Pipeline Between Poland & Lithuania?

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Poland and Lithuania fought for freedom from Russia (and Germany) for hundreds of years. They are now trying to be independent from Russian energy-blackmail by building GIPL and other pipeline projects. Meanwhile, Germany’s deepening its Russian dependence with Nord Stream 2. As can be seen on the map, Russia needs to return Kaliningrad, historical Königsberg, taken after World War II, to Europe. It’s that little enclave on the map marked Russia. The GIPL pipeline project is forced to transit the narrow stretch of land between Russia and Belarus. Russia and Belarus could easily work together to cut the pipeline. Hence, the importance of securing the area with a wall and military. Poland has cancelled its Yamal pipeline Gazprom (Russia) contract. Poland and Lithuania are building an interconnector pipeline (GIPL) and working with other projects. Yamal transits Belarus and, so, Belarus will lose a lot of transit fees.

GIPL Pipeline Route…

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