America Floats: What Do We Really Know About VAERS? Are These Numbers ACCURATE?

Modern Republican

America Floats takes a look at VAERS for those who may be unfamiliar with how the reporting system works, what the level of accuracy is, how doctors are being discouraged from using it, and why the level of under-reporting is consequently worse than ever before, December 30th

Even if you take the number of deaths at face value and pretend it’s not being under-reported through error, negligence, ignorance, or malicious suppression… the number of vaccine reported deaths has rarely risen above 200 per year over the course of several decades.

  • 1997 had 132 reported deaths
  • 2004 was 159 reported deaths
  • 2009 was 182 reported deaths
  • 2015 was 142 reported deaths
  • 2020 was 149 reported deaths

2021 was up to 4,561 as of May 28th. By the end of the year that number climbed to 21,230 deaths reported as occurring sometime after COVID-19 vaccination. Absolutely unprecedented. The number of…

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