The Tragic Disintegration of John Jay College of Criminal Justice; the ‘Death’ of a Once Revered NYC Address of Judicious Learning

Adina Kutnicki

A sky-high volume of mountainous evidence exists that Soros-funded, radical left, anti-American (a redundancy in terms … like night follows day) DA’s have overtaken most every prosecutorial office within “blue-state” America – slowly, creeping beyond its confines.

AS such, there is no sense (nor any time) in re-working the wheel, in a manner of speaking.

ADDING insult to (personal) injury, John Jay College  — the heretofore proud flagship for criminal justice education within the City University system in NY, unarguably, throughout U.S. academia — is the alma mater of this writer.

YES, it is the institution where the foundational moorings within were learned, that is, relative to understanding how a judicious criminal justice system must operate. Coupled with it, the ‘tools of the trade’ of a…

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